Report & Photos: Ride it Like You Stole it Criterium

The day started out with about 70 riders in the Pro 1-3 race in the Ride it Like You Stole it Criterium. With the weather being extremely warm out and the wind starting to work its way in just before the start of the race. The course was not the typical Dominguez Hills Crit, but was a much faster and shorter course that was across the street from the Dominguez Hills course. The Ride it Like You Stole it Criterium course was .8 miles with four right hand turns and had a slight uphill that can take its toll after multiple races or after an hour of having your chin sitting on your stem from the fast speeds.

The teams having numbers were going to dictate how the race went down. Bike Religion sent most of their guys and MRI/Monster Media U-23/Masters and LaGrange had decent numbers and pretty much controlled who went up the road.

Photos © Frank Sarate /

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The race started out with breaks going up the road after the first lap and it seemed like it never stopped going fast as it was strung out for most of the race. At times, the field would split and then it would all come back together. There were plenty of attacks that would be out front for a lap and then it would come back together and it seemed like most of the race went on that way. There was a late attack that contained five riders that went clear just ahead of the field with Tyler Locke (Bike Religion/ShoAir) taking the win from Aram Dellalian (Rokform / Rock n Road) and Nate Deibler in 3rd.

I spent the night before at a concert watching the Psychedelic Furs in a park in Downtown LA, so this left me standing for a couple of hours in a spot in the grass which left my legs a little thrashed. It made for a tough day with the fast speeds, but was all worth it!

By Frank Sarate /

Full Results


Pro 1-3
1st Tyler Locke (Bike Religion / Sho-Air)
2nd Aram Dellalian (Rokform / Rock N Road)
3rd Nate Deibler

Women 1-3
1st Julie Cutts (Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21)
2nd Rebecca Siegel (SC Velo)
3rd Hannah Swan (Strive Racing)

Women  3-4
1st Rachel Swan (Strive Racing)
2nd Amelia Christensen (SDBC)
3rd Moriah Swan (Strive Racing)

Cat 3
1st Salvador Maciel (CA Pools Racing)
2nd Raphael Oliveira (OTR Racing)
3rd Leo Reyes (SC Velo)

Cat 4/5
1st Robert MacPherson (South Bay Wheelmen)
2nd Byron Becerril (Rokform / Rock N Road)
3rd Shezad Bruce

Cat 4
1st Robert MacPherson (South Bay Wheelmen)
2nd Jose Ramos
3rd Israel Tapia (Win-Team Racing)

Cat 5
1st David Nguyen (TRU Cycling)
2nd Shane Edele OTR Racing
3rd Shezad Bruce

Masters 35+
1st Chris DeMarchi (MRI Endurance Elite Masters)
2nd John Wike (Team Surf City Cyclery/Sterling BMW)
3rd Peter Anderson (SPY Giant RIDE)

Masters 45+
1st Craig Miller (BBI-SIC)
2nd Mike McMahon (Team Velocity)
3rd Bart Clifford (MRI Endurance Elite Masters)

Masters 50+
1st Craig Miller (BBI-SIC)
2nd Gibby Hatton (Team Alliance Environmental)
3rd Lee Ziff (Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21)

Masters 55+
1st Bob Pellkofer (Rokform / Rock N Road)
2nd William Ralph (Rokform / Rock N Road)
3rd Ricky Shorts (Bahati Foundation)

Masters 60+
1st John Roest (SC Velo)
2nd Howard Miller (OCW/Paramount Racing)
3rd Craig Jones (Velo Avanti Cycling Team)



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