A Look at Pivot Cycles New Bikes for 2014

Mach 6

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The Mach 6 has been in development for over two years and the excitement brewing behind this bike is nothing short of explosive.   This has honestly been the hardest secret for us to keep quiet.  However, knowing the level of bike we’ve developed makes the unveiling of this incredible machine that much sweeter.

The Mach 6 isn’t like anything else in our line-up.  Hell, it’s not quite like anything we’ve built before!  It’s an all new machine designed from the ground up to optimize the 27.5″ wheel platform and take the growing Enduro racing scene by storm. The Mach 6 is built with the singular purpose of going faster than anything else in the most aggressive terrain (both up and down).

The Mach 6 features the next generation of long travel dw-link design. With features like 6.1″ (155mm) of travel, a low BB height (13.6″), longer top tubes, lower stand-over, and a slack head angle (66 degrees), built around an ultra stiff and responsive carbon chassis, the Mach 6 is a bike designed to push your capabilities and reward those willing to push the limits.   We optimized the design with internal top tube cable routing, internal dropper post routing, ISCG 05 tabs, and a look that screams of speed.  The Mach 6 absolutely rips for the aggressive trail rider.

The faster you go in technical terrain, the more confidence it provides.  The Mach 6 rewards the pro enduro rider with new found levels of speed and performance and the enthusiast, a bike that will take your riding confidence to a whole new level.

*    6.1″ (155mm) travel next generation dw-link® suspension design with position-sensitive anti-squat that pedals, accelerates and handles like nothing else for aggressive trail riding conditions.
*    Pivot exclusive hollow box, high-compression internal molding technology allows for greater compaction and smoother internal walls resulting in a lighter, stronger, highly optimized frame design with the best stiffness to weight ratio in the class.

*    Pivot specific, custom tuned Fox Float or Float X CTD shock technology: Increased performance and adjustment range allows riders to quickly and easily adjust for changing course or ride conditions.

*    Internal top tube shift cable routing and down tube dropper seat post routing keeps cables clean and running smooth.

*    Rubberized leather chainstay, inner seat stay, and down tube protectors for a quiet ride and higher impact resistance.

LES 27.5

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LES is more (or LES). After the super successful launch of the LES 29, we are on a roll, so we decided to bring Pivot’s technology and performance to the newest wheels size.  For the hardtail rider waiting to convert to bigger wheels, the LES 27.5″ should fit the bill perfectly.  Featuring a dedicated geared 142mm X 12mm through axle design, and more compact frame design, the LES 27.5″ takes our affinity for lightweight performance to a whole new level.

Getting your race ready LES under 20lbs will not be an issue. The biggest news is the small and additional X-small LES frame size that opens up the opportunity for shorter riders to get on properly fitting bikes with bigger wheels.  Now you can own, ride and race the most highly optimized hardtail ever created with geometry, stand over clearance, weight, and ride tuning perfected for the smaller rider. The LES 27.5 is a truly exciting bike that we are excited to bring to a whole new legion of Pivot riders.

*    Pivot’s exclusive hollow box, high-compression internal molding technology allows for greater compaction and smoother internal walls resulting in a lighter, stronger, highly optimized, ride tuned frame design. This technology allows the frame extremely lightweight while also having a really balanced feel with a great combination of stiffness  and ride quality.

*    Full internal shift cable routing with under bottom bracket access port design for hassle free installation: The LES 27.5″ features well thought out internal cable routing that protects the cables from contamination while also being very user serviceable and easy to route, which is something that cannot be said for most internal routed designs.

*    Chainstay length and tire clearance: The LES features extremely short 16.77″ chainstays.  This matches the shortest 26″ chainstay lengths out there so riders have a tight handling, responsive bike along with the benefits of 27.5″ wheels.

*    Small and X-Small frame sizes bring big wheels with optimized fit, handling, and lighter weight to smaller riders while offering the maneuverability and  excitement provided by the 27.5″ wheels to riders of all sizes.


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There’s a lot of excitement around this project at Pivot. The Vault features all the technology of our Pivot LES model to create the ultimate cross and gravel crushing design.  It features new school cyclocross geometry with a lower bottom bracket height, slightly shorter chain stays and an overall fit and finish that will make a Pivot fan out of even the most diehard traditional cross bike fans.   The Vault has it all!  We started with a clean slate to design the most highly optimized, race tuned cyclocross bike ever created.

Out of the gate the Vault was designed with a focus on disc brake optimization, making sure the Vault would be the ultimate disc brake cross bike.  However, we did not stop there. We understand that hardcore cross racers still desire to run a traditional cantilever brake set up in certain racing applications.  Because of this, the Vault features full cantilever capabilities with recessed (hidden) threaded inserts in the seat stays and fork, and dropouts that convert from 135mm disc brake spacing back to 130mm road spacing.     Whether you’re new  to cross racing, looking to enter your first gravel race or a seasoned veteran, the Vault sets a higher bar for ride, style and tuned performance and redefines what is possible in the world of cyclocross and gravel racing.

*    Internal cable routing adapts easily to either electronic or cable actuated shift systems. While the stealthy internal top tube brake routing can be totally disguised in disc brake form or cleanly hidden out of the way with cantilever brakes making portaging your bike a clean, snag-free affair.

*    The Vault’s 1.5 inch tapered steerer fork with oversize crown optimizes stiffness, increases steering precision, provides great mud clearance while eliminating brake chatter and can be used with either cantilever or disc brakes.

*    The Vault frame features the BB386EVO bottom bracket system (designed by our own Chris Cocalis).  This maximum size BB greatly increases torsional rigidity and strength and improves power transfer for a more efficient ride while also providing for more tire clearance to clear the widest rims on the market.

*    The Vault converts seamlessly from cantilever to disc with our innovative and clean removable brake post system, while the Vault’s  carbon rear dropouts incorporate a dual insert system which allows you to easily convert the dropouts between 130mm and 135mm spacing for use with either standard road or disc brake specific wheels designs.

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