SPY GIANT RIDE Elite Cycling Team Announces Team and Sponsors

The SPY® GIANT RIDE Elite Cycling Team has announced its roster of riders along with presenting and supporting sponsors. In 2014, the team will be known as SPY GIANT RIDE presented by MRI Endurance, and will exclusively use the MRI line of endurance and athlete products for all its training and competitive needs.

“The mission for our team is to bring together the most positive racers in Southern California who have the potential to leave a lasting, happy impression and provide them access to the best products on earth,” says Michael Marckx, SPY president and CEO. “Our partnership with MRI Endurance is the greatest step we’ve taken to fulfill that mission, and the wide array of MRI products will keep our team performing at an optimum level, driving the front and creating a wake of happiness wherever we ride. When you consider we’ve got the greatest bikes, eyewear, helmets, shoes, wheels, components, apparel, and now nutrition and sports supplements, it’s no wonder a spot on our team is such a sought after position.”

The team also announced its supporting sponsors; SKINS, who will be the exclusive compression and recovery wear for the team; Razer, maker of entertainment devices and software; Clearview Investment Partners, a full service securities brokerage based in Newport Beach, Calif.; and Harmony Bar, an all natural energy bar created by SPY GIANT RIDE Women’s Team leader Jessica Cerra.

In the co-title sponsor role, alongside SPY, will be Giant Bicycles and RIDE Cyclery in Encinitas, Calif. The team will don custom kits designed and manufactured by StageOne. Providing additional team support on the product side is SRAM components, Giro and Zipp wheels.

The team also announced its elite roster, which will include several younger riders to enhance the already strong squad and was built so as to contend in any type of race or conditions. The team will be led by returning riders Logan Fiedler, Brian Zink, Erick Sobey, Anthony Vasilas, Tait Campbell and Chris Waggoner. Added to the already impressive roster are Taylor Vaccari, C.J. Williams, Brian Stack, Andrew Bosco, Roy Walters and Chris Johnson.

“I’m stoked to bring on these talented younger riders who have already demonstrated an ability to go fast and drive the front with the best of them because they have a Happy disrespect for the usual way of looking (at life),” added Marckx. “We built the team to be happy while being competitive regardless of the terrain or type of race, and these guys are all going to collectively rock like a hurricane. It’s going to be an irreverent and jocular year filled with tears from our competitors and tears of joy from our supporters.”

In 2013, the SPY GIANT RIDE team was one of the most successful in the region, securing five state titles in various disciplines and the 45+ team amassing the most victories of any such team in the state.

In 2014, the SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI team will compete in a full calendar of races in the region and will also field a Masters 35+, Masters 45+, and Women’s Elite team. These teams—stacked with state and national champs—will focus on the California and National Masters Championships road and criterium races as well as high profile multi-day races.

To learn more about the SPY GIANT RIDE Elite Cycling team, go to facebook.com/spygiantrideteam.

2014 Sponsors

Title Sponsors
GIANT Bicycles
RIDE Cyclery

Presenting Sponsor
MRI Endurance

Supporting Sponsors
Clearview Investment Partners Harmony Bar

Clothing Sponsors
StageOne Sports

Product Sponsors
Lake Cycling Shoes

2014 SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI Rosters

Elite Team
Logan Fiedler
Brian Zink
Anthony Vasilas
Erick Sobey
Tait Campbell
Chris Waggoner
Taylor Vaccari
C.J. Williams
Brian Stack
Andrew Bosco
Roy Walters
Chris Johnson

Women’s Elite Team
Jessica Cerra
Jen Whalen
Tracy Tilton
Kirsten Darley
Debbie Knickman

35+ Masters
John Abate
Erik Johnson
Peter Anderson
Aaron Wimberley
Derek Brauch
Kirk Bausch
Mike Easter
Jon Davy
Ryan Dahl
Josh Alverson
Paul Vaccari
Michael Williams
Gregg Medinilla
David McNeal
Chris Thompson
Lee Hodgin
Kelsey Mullen
George Barthel
Josh Goldman

45+ Masters
Michael Marckx
Alan Flores
Aron Gadhia
John Hatchitt Jon Nist
Jim Pappe
Joe Kolling
Dan Vogt
Seth Davidson
Harold Martinez Dave Jaeger
Bud Owens
Andy Schmidt
John Walsh
Andy McClure
Greg Lonergan
Taylor Fenstermacher

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