Jenson USA’s Annual Holiday Elementary School Bike Giveaway Brings Joy to Kids

There’s nothing better than a new bike for Christmas. Just ask any one of the sixty over-joyed fifth and sixth graders at Woodcrest and Castle View elementary schools in Riverside, CA when they received their unexpected new bikes during the annual East Hills Holiday Bicycle Giveaway sponsored by Jenson USA, one of the nation’s largest retailers of bicycles, parts and accessories.

Each year, two local elementary schools are chosen to be the recipients of this generous program initiated by the East Hills Business Council of the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce. Jenson USA, along with the support of Giant Bicycles, has stepped up and taken the responsibility for providing the new BMX style bikes through its “Kommute For Kids” campaign. The Kommute For Kids program works like this: Jenson USA employees are given the opportunity to become directly involved in the annual Holiday Bicycle Giveaway. By commuting to work at least once-a-month, that Jenson USA employee earns the donation of another bike to the Kommute For Kids cause. Starting last May, individual Jenson USA employees had seven months of commuting to work by bicycle in order to earn bike donations for the kids.

“The fact that the selected students don’t know that they were about to receive a new bike generates incredible energy and enthusiasm at the presentation ceremonies,” comments Jenson USA founder and CEO Michael Cachat. “The faculty and administration at each school hand picks these deserving students based upon a grade-level learning project they were all assigned.”

The task asked students to use their imagination and either draw or write a short essay about a trip or a place they would like to go on a bicycle. Marcus, a sixth grader wrote, “Hunter and I were riding our bikes everywhere. We went to the duck pond, on the golf course, down the hill and even to Starbuck’’s.” Sophie, another sixth grader responded, “You mount your bike after a quick breakfast. You look around, the campsite has a nice view, some trees, a few climbing rocks, and a hiking trail. Your group begins riding again.”

“Bikes are unquestionably an important part of everyone’s life, especially kids,” remarks Cachat. “I’m just glad Jenson USA can be a part of this experience and help facilitate youngsters continued pursuit of educational success during this giving time of the year.”

During the presentation ceremonies at each school, Jackie Reseigne, Jenson USA’s customer engagement/events specialist, took this opportunity to deliver a timely talk about bicycle safety and the importance of always wearing a helmet when riding. In addition to the bicycles and the locks from Jenson USA, the Riverside Police Officers Association provided helmets to each recipient. Students also enjoyed a BMX bicycle tricks demonstration by Jenson USA’s Trevor Edwards.

In addition to its Riverside office headquarters and warehouse, Jenson USA’s Corona Superstore is located at 2410 Wardlow Road, #109, Corona, California 92880, just off the 91 Freeway. Store phone: 951-736-0700. Check out all Jenson USA products online at

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