Product Review: Oakley RadarLock Path Sunglasses

When the sun is out and the air is crisp there is one particular piece of kit that you can’t go without. Its a piece almost as important as the helmet protecting your noggin, and when it comes to selecting a decent pair of specs not many look further than Oakley’s impressive line-up of sports eyewear.

The RadarLock Path is clearly the replacement for the ever so popular Radar frame-set. A fresh aesthetic can make your average weekend warrior look like a pro and with Oakley’s Custom range you can match your pretty face to that of your favourite jersey. At the recent Amgen Tour of California we saw Sir Bradly Wiggens match his shades to his leaders jersey. More importantly than looking good is being able to see the path ahead. With the new RadarLock frame-set comes a lock mechanism, Switch-Lock, that allows for an easy change lens. Oakleys High Definition Optic lenses present sharp imagery that keep you on track. Don’t be fooled by looks, these glasses are tough and can handle a beating. They are made from a durable lightweight plastic Oakley like to call O-Matter and present little damage when that branch comes flying at you on the Mountain Bike trail or when gravel and debris fly towards you on the road.

The performance comes from years of creating some of the best eyewear for cycling. Everything from the vents in the lenses for helping the lenses from fogging up to the Oakley switchlock technology and the stable and comfortable fit along with the impact resistant lenses. So with overall good-looks, durability and customizability it would almost be silly to look past Oakleys RadarLock frame set. I’m pretty sure the hardest part will be selecting your favourite color combination.

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Review By Mathew Merrington

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