Cannondale Ushers in a New Era of Aluminum Performance with the All-New CAAD12

The aluminum gurus at Cannondale, a premium brand of Cycling Sports Group, part of Dorel Industries, Inc., introduced the next level of aluminum performance – the astonishing new CAAD12. The latest evolution in their CAAD series of alloy road racing machines, the all-new CAAD12 is so incomparably light, so explosively stiff and so impossibly smooth that it simply redefines the concept of high performance aluminum. It’s not merely the finest alloy race bike ever made…it’s the dawn of a new age of aluminum.

“We’ve got a unique relationship with this metal” said Scott Rittschof, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cannondale. “We basically kick-started the whole high-performance aluminum thing over 3 decades ago and haven’t let up since. Each new generation of our CAAD (Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design) bikes has defined the state-of-the-art in aluminum technology and now, with the CAAD12, we’re introducing a bike that is so advanced, such a quantum leap forward, that it is going to fundamentally change how people think about aluminum performance.”

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By utilizing their System Integration approach to design, where frames, forks and key components like cranks and seatposts are all developed together, and their advanced SmartForm Alloy construction techniques, Cannondale has created a CAAD12 system with all of their trademark rigidity, but at a weight and with a level of comfort previously deemed impossible.

The combination of the radically redesigned SmartFormed 6069 alloy frames, the all-new one-piece carbon SPEED SAVE forks and new 25.4mm seatposts saves up to 200 grams over the already extremely light CAAD10. With the additional weight savings of the HollowGram and Cannondale Si cranksets, the CAAD12’s complete system weights can be hundreds of grams lighter than the competition.

For improved acceleration and sharper handling, a wider BB30a bottom bracket shell, asymmetrically oversized chain stays and flared seat tube increase BB stiffness-to-weight by 13%, while a new hourglass-shaped head tube and modified top tube and down tube increase head tube stiffness-to-weight by 10%.

And finally, the new SPEED SAVE fork offers 10% more compliance than previous CAAD10 forks but, in what’s perhaps the most impressive bit of new engineering, the redesigned tube shapes of the SPEED SAVE rear triangle increase vertical compliance of the new CAAD12 by more than 50%! This new SPEED SAVE Micro-Suspension system delivers a level of control and comfort previously unimaginable in a high performance aluminum chassis.

With its unrivalled blend of light weight, stiffness and compliance, the CAAD12 is truly the most advanced, best performing alloy race machine ever made. It’s a whole new era of aluminum.

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The CAAD12 will be available in seven models. For more information on the Cannondale CAAD12 and how you can join the Aluminati, visit

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