Video: Cannondale/360Fly Preview of the Westlake Village Century was recently invited to attend the Cannondale/360Fly preview of the Westlake Village Century on September 3rd. Cannondale as shared a video from the day to help us share t the awesome climbs and highlights of the course and what the event is about.

The Westlake Village Century ride takes place Oct 3rd and will offer something for everyone. It will offer a true Century that has nearly 10,000’ of climbing, a 40 mile course with 4500’ of climbing, and an option called “Lake Laps” which is an opportunity for the community to come together, ride a bike 4 miles around the beautiful lake, and support a great cause founded by Bonner Paddocks, the OM Foundation, who’s mission is to raise awareness and support centers that provide services to empower children with disabilities and their families to live life beyond limits in their communities.


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