Tech & New Products: A Look at the Rotor Uno Hydraulic Drivetrain Groupset

Rotor, who is mostly known for their cranks and chainrings, has released a new road hydraulic groupset to the market.

This will be an alternative to the other manufacturers that have electric and mechanical groupsets on the current market. SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo currently produce the leading groupsets and  FSA is set to release it’s new electronic groupset in the near future, as well.

This groupset seems to be a great fit for road and gravel bikes with disc brakes over the other current component manufactures that have big and bulky brake/shift lever.

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The shifting and braking on the Rotor Uno Hydraulic Drivetrain seems to be crisp and smooth. The Rotor Uno Hydraulic Drivetrain  could be a great upgrade if you’re interested in using disc brakes. They also have a hydraulic rim brake version, as well.

You’ll be seeing the Dimension Data Pro Team (formally MTN-Qhubeka) using the Rotor Uno Hydraulic Drivetrain groupset next season.  The Dimension Data Pro Team is currently testing the Rotor Uno Hydraulic Drivetrain groupset  now on the new disc brake Cervelo’s before next season.

Photos by Franks Sarate /