Report & Photo Gallery: Summer End Grand Prix Wraps Ontario Series

The Summer End Grand Prix was the final race for the season of the Ontario Series, which was comprised of six criteriums that began in January.

The temps were hot in the 90’s as Mount Baldy loomed to North and the racing was just as hot as riders contested points for the overall standings at the Ontario Series. In the Pro 1-3 race, the Williams Brothers swept the podium for the Ontario Series with brother Cory taking top honors, followed by CJ in 2nd and big brother Justin in 3rd.

Racing for the day’s Summer End Grand Prix win, Chris Barton (CashCall Mortgage) soloed to victory in the Pro 1-3 race after escaping a six man break, with teammate David Santos edging out Carlos Alzate (UnitedHealthcare) for second.

In the category of things you never thought you’d see at Ontario, USADA was on hand to perform drug testing on selected riders at the Summer End Grand Prix. This was the second time this month that USADA showed up at a local SoCal race, with the Brentwood Grand Prix being the first. Whatever it takes for a clean sport, we are all for it!

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