Spice up your day with the Deceuninck – Quick-Step riders Wolfpack Playlists

Wolfpack Playlists

Three different music sets chosen by Deceuninck – Quick-Step riders and a sneak peak of the Wolfpack Anthem

Music plays an important part in the life of a rider. Just think about it: all those long hours spent in the bus traveling to and from competition, on the massage table after a hard race, or in the evening, when all they want is to relax and detach themselves from all that happened during the day. Not to mention the boost music gives while warming up outside the bus ahead of a big race.

Now, with large parts of the world in lockdown and road cycling and training outside banned in some places, music is of even bigger importance for cycling lovers, as they train inside on their rollers several hours per day. That’s how we came up with the idea of creating, together with the Deceuninck – Quick-Step riders, three Wolfpack Playlists, which we now want to share with you, our amazing fans!

What’s the catch? There is none! You can find these music sets – to the making of which all our riders contributed – on Spotify. Get In The Zone is perfect to start your day after savouring a nice Wolfpack Espresso, Full Gas is just what you need for a session of intense training which will make you feel like taking on some of the hardest climbs in the world, while Cooling Down is perfect for a quiet afternoon or a lazy Sunday. On top of that, you’ll get a teaser of The Wolfpack Anthem, which is to be launched later this year, in collaboration with CNR Records, which have put their entire experience behind the team, helping us bring to life this innovative music project for the world of cycling.

The Wolfpack Playlist

“As a passionate fan and amateur cyclist of this great sport I am honoured to be the music partner of this great project. The entire team at CNR Records is very keen to be a part of this amazing blend of cycling and music. We wish The Wolfpack all the success and hope to provide all cycling fans some extra support through these playlists”, said Tom De Meijer (MD CNR Records).

Hoka One

“Electronic music or hip-hop is what I like to listen to during warm-up, to get the motivation and that much-needed adrenaline before a race. I’m sure you all know it, that feeling you get when you listen to a great song that pumps you up before a race and helps you find the focus for the day ahead. I have many favourite songs and I’m glad that through the Wolfpack playlists I get to share some of them with our fans”, said Luxembourg Champion Bob Jungels.

Julian Alaphilippe is another rider who was excited about this project: “For me, music is a quintessential part of my everyday life. I listen to music almost all the time. In the team bus, before a race, to remain focused and to get out of my head everything that’s not relevant for that day. The tunes are always different, it depends on how I feel, where I am, what I do, what’s my mood. Music has something special, something mesmerizing that takes me to a unique place every time.”

“When the team told me about this, I was immediately hooked. The hardest part was picking just three songs, as there are so many that I like, but in the end, I made a selection and I hope it will give our fans a taste of how things are inside the team, and they will enjoy them”, added Remco Evenepoel.

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