KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Announces 2016 Team and Partners

The 2015 season was fantastic on many fronts for the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo cycling team. The team won 33 races across the United States and also netted several NRC podiums. Arguably, the highlight of the season was rider Fabrizio Von Nacher representing the team, and his native country of Mexico, at this year’s World Championships in Richmond, Virginia.

Throughout the year, we have worked closely with team partners to help them develop outstanding new products. With assistance and feedback from our team, title sponsor KHS Bicycles has developed a new road bicycle frame and carbon clincher wheelset which the team will be racing on in 2016. Additionally, the team tested cutting-edge tire compounds from Maxxis Tires and worked closely with JLVelo Custom Cycle Wear to create a brand new skinsuit design. The team will be testing this garment in road races, time-trials, and criterium events across the country.

“We are really excited about the 2016 season,” says team manager Paul Abrahams. “We have revamped our roster and added great technical partners who will provide important support for both riders and staff.”

KHS Bicycles has renewed their commitment to the road cycling market with continued title sponsorship of the team. KHS has been focused on the development and engineering of two new products for the road market.

“We are really excited to announce the creation of our new 2017 KHS Flite Carbon Frame and our new line of Q2 Carbon Clincher race wheels,” proclaims Wayne D. Gray, Vice President of KHS Bicycles. “Partnering with the team allows us to quickly make changes to our products after receiving decisive feedback that we simply cannot get from a computer simulation. That is all the more reason we are pleased to enter our 5th year of partnership with the program.”

Both Maxxis Tires and JLVelo Custom Cycle Wear are returning co-sponsors for the team in 2016.

The team has partnered with INFINIT Nutrition, a leader in the custom nutrition and hydration market, who understands the importance of fueling top level athletes for the long haul. Having their products and expertise as a resource will undoubtedly help our athletes achieve their best results. By strengthening existing team partnerships from 2015 and adding new technical partners for 2016, the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo cycling team is set to continue its winning ways when their racing season kicks-off in mid-February.

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2016 KHS­-Maxxis-JLVelo Team Roster:
Ulises Castillo (MEX))
Shawn Daurelio (USA)
Efren Flores (USA U23)
Robert Freeman (USA U23)
Cory Lockwood (USA)
Brian McCulloch (USA)
Joy McCulloch (USA)
Duban Sanchez (COL U23)
David Santos (USA)
Fabrizio Von Nacher (MEX)
Shawn Wayland (USA U23)

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