Report & Photo Gallery: Carlsbad Grand Prix of Cycling

The City of Carlsbad hosted the Carlsbad Grand Prix of Cycling on Sunday July 17th.

Fresh off the heals of the Adrenaline Twilight Grand Prix, which took place the night before, there was not a lot of time for recovery for the Pro 1/2 riders that raced the night before and made for some tired legs.

The Pro1/2 field had around 80 riders on the start line with ten $ 50 primes up for grabs from Seth Davidson (The Bike Lawyer).  From the gun the race was super fast as the winner of the first lap would take the first $50 prime.

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Photos by Chane Jonker

The race was super fast which made it hard for a breakaway to get established off the front but attacks were going constantly throughout.

Eventually around the half way mark of the 90 minute race, a breakaway of three riders got away that included Joshua Stockinger (Monster Media), Josh Alverson (Surf City/Sterling BMW) and Patrick Bos (Birdworx pb Cynergy Cycles). The field kept them in sight the whole time but with no one actually being able to bridge across to the front three riders.

About five laps to go, I took a look up the road and thought the field was going to reel in the front breakaway but quickly realized with three laps to go that they would stay away!

The front breakaway took out the podium with Josh Alverson (Surf City/Sterling BMW) taking the win and the rest of the field battling it out for the field sprint.

In the Women’s race, Denise Mueller (Sisterhood of Cycling) who’s business RSF Security Systems & Protective Services sponsored the Women’s race, took the win! Megan Jastrab (Swami’s Junior Development Team) finished 2nd and Daniela Garcia (Michelob Ultra-La Grange +21) finished 3rd to round out the podium.

By Wesley Eslick, Team

Full Results

Pro 1/2 Men’s Results
1st Josh Alverson (Surf City/Sterling BMW)
2nd Patrick Bos (Birdworx pb Cynergy Cycles)
3rd Joshua Stockinger (Monster Media)

Women’s Results
1st Denise Mueller (Sisterhood of Cycling)
2nd Megan Jastrab (Swami’s Junior Development Team)
3rd Daniela Garcia (Michelob Ultra-La Grange +21)

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