Tech & New Products: Special Edition Sidi Shot for Nibali

The BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team officially kicked off their season with a stylish grand presentation on Sunday, January 8th, in Manama, the capital of this small kingdom in the Persian Gulf, with the presence of Prince Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The new World Tour team is being led by Vincenzo Nibali, who has spurred increasing interest in this adventure ever since it hit the cycling scene. Now it’s time to start pedaling for real. To do so, the team will be able to count on SIDI, the Italian company from Maser (Treviso) that sent a delegation to take part in the presentation; in fact, SIDI is the official shoe supplier for all the riders on the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team.

Vincenzo Nibali and company will be able to rely on the SHOT, the new cycling shoe featuring cutting edge innovation and technology. Light, comfortable and highly performing, the SHOT was designed, developed and finally produced by SIDI to meet the demands of the greatest two wheel champions, whose feet are one of their most delicate aspects.

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SIDI is always attentive to the needs of our champions, so we’ve come up with some “special edition” graphics for the SHOT, designed exclusively for the team in the same colors as the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team uniform: red and white are the dominating colors, representing the Bahrain national flag; there is also blue, which represents this island nestled between two seas, and of course there had to be some golden finishes to recall the culture and tradition of the Bahrain Kingdom’s royal household.

The SIDI logo will also appear on shoe covers, socks and even the racing jerseys for the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team, thus insuring the company from Maser enjoys maximum visibility on the scene at the most important races all over the world.

“This is an important project that has captured our interest from its inception. We’re certain that the team can vie for some prestigious milestones. The team can count on some highly valuable members among both riders and technical staff. We are very happy to rejoin Vincenzo Nibali; he even came to pay us a visit at company headquarters to work out some details on his new SHOT shoes. When “the Shark” donned his first maglia rosa in 2010, he was wearing SIDI on his feet. Since then he has scored 2 successes at the Giro, 1 at the Tour and 1 in the Vuelta, and I am sure that this portfolio will only expand further,” says Dino Signori, owner and founder of SIDI in 1960, the man who still leads the company with the same passion and energy as he did back then.

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