Product Review: SH+ RG 5800 Sunglasses

SH+ RG 5800 Sunglasses

The SH+ RG 5800 Sunglasses are a solid all-around pair of eyewear that offers ample coverage, sharp optics, and great protection. The road lenses feature a 20% visible light transmission for medium to bright conditions and 100% UV protection.

I personally find the fit to be very comfortable. The nose piece is adjustable and contours to most nose types for a consistent fit. I have a relatively smaller nose and I never had instances where the lenses would come in contact with my cheekbones.

The SH+ RG 5800 Sunglasses features a vented lens that is big enough to offer maximal coverage while providing ventilation. I never had issues with debris getting into my eyes while riding at high speeds or experienced any sort of fogging when climbing at lower speeds.

The SH+ RG 5800 Sunglasses comes with a rigid zippered case and a soft bag for storage and cleaning. The case is rigid enough to protect them while traveling. Overall I find the SH+ RG 5800 Sunglasses to be a great product and one of the better looking cycling shades in my opinion.

Technical Specs:

The lens is large and has two holes that ensure high ventilation without disturbing the view. The large lens ensures a huge field of view.

It has an aggressive and completely modern look.

  • SIZES: Recommended for Small and Regular faces
  • TECHNOLOGY: Nylon Tr 90
  • WEIGHT:  31 grams

Available Colors:

  • Yellow/Blue Frame with Blue Lens
  • White/Blue Frame with Blue Lens
  • Yellow/Red Frame with Red Lens
  • Black/Red Frame with Red Lens
  • Black/Black Frame with Smoke Lens


$ 179.99

Where to Buy:

For more information and to purchase visit

Review by Conan Wen

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