SoCal High School Cycling League Seeks Volunteer Race Staff

The SoCal High School Cycling League is currently looking for volunteers to fill Volunteer Staff positions.

The SoCal High School Cycling League explained,

The most critical people on race weekend (after coaches of course) are our race volunteers! Virtually everyone you see out running the races are volunteers that come mainly from the ranks of our SoCal League parents/guardians!

We have CRITICAL NEED for several Volunteer Staff positions ahead of the season AND ahead of league expansion in 2020 or 2021!

Some of these positions are part of the NICA Guild program which aims to connect and professionalize those sharing the position with others from Leagues around the country. Occasional opportunities may arise to travel to new leagues to train on behalf of NICA and/or attend NICA National Conferences.

The following Volunteer positions are available to be filled:

  • Operations Manager: Lead volunteers and make sure everything gets done. Right-hand person to the Race Director. Ideally, you’ll get there Friday afternoon or early evening and you’ll be on the go until we pack the trailer Sunday late afternoon. You are one of the CORE race crew. Great for a detail oriented individual who can manage groups of people and internalizes the whole weekend timeline and process and gear. NICA Guild position.
  • Assistant Chief Timer: Learn the computer timing system under NICA’s Chief Timing Trainer (and SoCal League Chief Timer). Sit in a comfortable tent at the finish line Saturday during middle school racing and Sunday during high school racing. Perfect for someone “techy” who knows computers (could even be a motivated high school Junior or Senior). NICA Guild position.
  • Registration Manager: Lead other volunteers in helping our student-athletes pick up number plates and pay for races Saturday for middle school and Sunday for high school. Great for a detail-oriented parent who wants to be involved much of the weekend! NICA Guild position.
  • Assistant Chief Course Marshal: Be the “right-hand person” to our Chief Course Marshal who is the staffer in charge of course safety. Public safety or military experience is a plus (though not required). Interface with marshals on course, SoCal EMS staff, outside EMS staff. Able to take over the role of Chief Course Marshal as needed after training. NICA Guild position.
  • Infield Setup Manager: Lead other volunteers in building out the infield area — finish line, fencing, tents, cones, etcetera — to standard on Saturday morning from approximately 8:00 AM to Noon. Great for a detail-oriented parent who has good “on the ground” leadership skills and spatial awareness.
  • Parking Manager: Lead volunteers to make sure we can move all vehicles into the venue in an orderly manner! Ideally, you’ll be available to manage a steady in/outflow much of Saturday and a MASSIVE inflow from Sunday morning EARLY until around 10:00 AM. You are patient yet decisive and have a good grasp of space (maybe you are a Tetris master).

These are leadership or technical positions for people who want to get involved in the same spot at most races for at least a season. They will take some training and getting used to. If one of these (or any other similar) positions interest you — PLEASE email our Volunteer Coordinator Dee Seymour at [email protected].

Additionally, the SoCal High School Cycling League is on the brink of expansion and will have two separate race series in two separate locations in 2020 or 2021 and will need double the number of people in these positions (ie: a Logistics person in the North Conference and one in the South Conference).

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