CVR World Cup Esport Cycling Int’l League Starts New Season, Broadcasting Live

CVR World Cup Esport Cycling Int'l League

Cycligent, Inc. (owner of CVR World Cup), has released a breakthrough eSports game that combines gaming, fitness, and eSports.  It’s called CVRcade.

The free-to-play game provides an all-inclusive, virtual cycling and gaming experience for individuals and teams.  It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have fun riding, working out, or racing.  CVRcade also has its own unique handicapping system called Physical Equalization™, which allows players of various cycling abilities to ride and compete fairly against one another.  CVRcade players can also choose to test their skills by competing in Cycligent’s ‘CVR World Cup League’ and international tournament, for over $100,000.00 in cash prizes.

CVRcade is unique, as it can be played online, in two different ways.  Traditional eSport players can play from anywhere, using a standard computer, with a keyboard or game controller.  Competitive cyclists and workout enthusiasts, looking for the ultimate “blood, sweat, and tears” physical gameplay experience, can pedal to the podium, from their home or office, while riding on an actual bicycle hooked to an electronic trainer.

Season Kicks Off on January 8th, $100,000 Prize List

The CVR World Cup cycling league preseason kicks off on January 8th, which will leads into an 8-week season and April league final.  Finals are paying over $100,000.  Races are broadcast live worldwide.   

CVR World Cup is the only eSport that actually has a true sports and fitness component – combines elite physical cycling with virtual reality gaming.  All cyclists race on a racing bicycle and electronic smart trainer — all working in conjunction with a computer, new Cycligent-owned CVRcade cycling and gaming software, and a heart rate monitor.

League races will take place online every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — cyclists race online virtually from across the globe in 8 time zones — all broadcast internationally to tens of thousands of viewers on the cycleVIEW app, Facebook, and Microsoft Mixer.  CVR cycling is one of the fastest growing eSports on Microsoft Mixer.

The live events are global.  Men and women receive equal prize money.  Previous events were held in London, Las Vegas, Paris, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. 

You can join the CVR World Cup League, or get more information, by clicking here

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