The Best Games To Play With A Cycling Theme

The online casino industry is popular for many reasons. While everyone is talking about these platforms being available on all devices, people rarely mention the immense variety that’s also available. This variety refers to the big selection of table games, live streams, and primarily slot games.

No matter what platform you pick, you’ll likely find hundreds of games available. That’s because people enjoy having variety before them. So if you’re registering with well-known brands or you prefer new UK casinos, you’ll be able to find slots with all themes you can imagine. As you might have guessed from the title of this article, cycling is one of the themes that you can find with online slots. Let’s look at a couple of popular titles you can find across hundreds of fast paying casinos.

Pedal Power

When you think of a slot that has a cycling theme, you’ll find everything you need with Pedal Power. The game is old, being released in 2009. Still, that doesn’t mean that it lacks graphics and overall style. On the contrary, it features all the colors of engaging online slots that best payout casinos at gamblizard have. The compelling artwork features various symbols with bikers riding bicycles. On top of that, you’ll find trophies and watch symbols (Scatters). The fun doesn’t stop there, you can also find gloves, shoes, sports glasses, and a cycling water bottle.

The game is intended for all cycling fans who want to spin the reels with cycling-themed symbols. The graphics are satisfactory, especially considering the release date. As with any other game released by Microgaming, it runs smoothly.

The game offers a lot in terms of features. Players will find five reels before them alongside 15 paylines. There’s a Scatter symbol available, and players can get multipliers and free spins while playing this slot. On top of that, there’s also a Gamble Feature that allows players to double or quadruple their wins if they play the cards right. The Wild symbol is the Trophy, and it lets the players multiply their winnings. The base game will let you win up to 40,000 coins. However, with the free spins feature, you’re eligible to get up to 400,000 coins.

Overall, if you’re a big cycling fan, you will find plenty of fun playing this game on the device of your choice.

Bike Mania

The previous slot game is for cycling fans who like to race. However, Bike Mania is for a different kind of bicycle lover. Are you more into BMX tricks that amaze crowds while you’re riding on a dirt road, then this game is for you! First off, it’s important to mention that the graphics are not modern at all. You’ll find a lot of colors in this game, but the elements and sprites are very old-school. Some players will love the authentic look of Bike Mania, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re more into modern graphics, you should consider finding another game.

Like many other popular titles, this is a five-reel slot with 25 paylines. That’s a lot of opportunity to win some money when you’re spinning those reels. You’ll find Wild, Scatter, Jackpot, and bonus symbols available in the game. These allow you to multiply your win and get free spins. Overall, the game is perfect for all extreme sports lovers who love BMX tricks.

Golden Games

The above slots have a full cycling theme in them. However, Golden Games is a bit different. It does feature cycling symbols, but it also has symbols from other popular sports. Still, that makes it a partially cycling-themed slot. In fact, getting the golden cycling will land you a payout ranging from 10 up to 150 points. It all comes down to the number of symbols that you get.

The game has five reels and Scatter, Bonus, and Wild symbols. Each of these triggers different multipliers and wins. Besides the possibility of receiving a high payout, you can also get free spins. All Olympics lovers will find this game appealing.


As you can see, the sheer variety of slot themes is what keeps the online casino industry growing. Players from all walks of life can find their favorite games and try their luck. If you’re into cycling, playing any of the games above will make gambling in online casinos with real money more enjoyable. The best part is that these are not the only titles you’ll find. There are many others that feature cycling and biking themes.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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