Orbea Presents its First ebike for Kids

The new model is intended for kids ages 6 to 10 and includes all the elements of an ebike, but in a subtle, user-friendly way. And at 15.5 kg, it’s also the lightest ebike on the market.

Bike manufacturer Orbea has launched its first ebike intended for kids ages 6 to 10 years old, with all the electronic devices so perfectly integrated that it does not seem like an ebike. What’s more, with a weight of just 15.5 kg, it’s the lightest ebike for kids on the market.

Orbea’s new kids’ ebike is a catalyst for something much bigger. Orbea believes that this model opens the door to the dream of many parents: to share trails and adventures as a family, together.

“Family outings on a bicycle can place kids at a handicap. This can be due to the difference in physical condition or the difficulty of the terrain where the activity takes place, among other variables,” says the head of Orbea’s ebike line, Jon Gantxegi.

“That’s why with the help of the right ebike, this handicap can disappear, opening up the possibility of new trails and adventures as a family. It can even be a tool for kids to discover the exciting world of cycling, to spark an interest in the sport or in outdoor activities, or it could just be the first steps towards a healthy, active lifestyle,” he concludes.

100% adapted to kids

In the newly released eMX24, Orbea has tapped into the ideas of sufficiency and efficiency, just like the first road ebike, the Gain. They have also made the entire bike extremely lightweight.

With these two concepts built into the ebike, kids will find they have enough help with the eMX24. In other words, they will not have to make too big of an effort, but it won’t be too easy for them, either. “The motor will give them just the right amount of power they need; never too much or too little. The important things is for kids to have fun,” Gantxegi states.

Extra efforts also went into making it lightweight. “Kids are really light in weight, and because of this, their capacity to manage a heavy bike is rather limited. That’s why we insisted on making the eMX24 as light as possible,” says Gantxegi.

What’s more, both the mechanical components, such as the brake levers and the electronic components, are intended for use by kids. In other words, this ebike prioritizes easy management and operation for smaller humans.

For example, the remote control, called the iWoc TRIO, adds functions and interactivity to the bike, providing greater control over the pedaling assistance and battery levels.

The motor tuning, the motor map, is also intended for use by kids, ensuring that it provides smooth, balanced pedaling assistance. And since the motor is located on the rear axle instead of the bottom bracket, the pedaling will have no resistance whatsoever when it’s inactive.

*eMX24 available in Europe (Not in United Kingdom)



-Full Alloy Components

-Components Adapted for Children


-Short Chainstays

-Sloping Top Tube

-Easy Handling

-1X Single Chainring


The battery is one of the most noticeable components of an eBike system, so every step has been taken to find the lightest, smallest and most discreet unit. eMX´s Enough Energy concept provides you enough battery power, not more. It eliminates the need for a bulky, high-output battery that needs to be removed from the bike.


For eMX we have developed a custom setup for the motor specifically oriented for the kids riding requirements. Based on the Enough Energy concept, the sophisticated drive system provides enough smooth and reliable assistance at levels designed to enhance the rides, not dominate them. And since the motor is at the hub, your kid will experience drag-free pedaling when the eMX is not providing a push.


A compact  iWoc TRIO controller adds functionality and interaction to the eMX, adding more control over the battery and assist level of your bike.


eMX doesn’t require a multitude of wires, ports or accessories. The CAN (Controller Area Network) bus port provides a single interface for charging, system diagnosis or attaching the external backup battery.


eMX´s smooth and balanced assist requires an advanced sensor. Blending perfectly with our effort to create a sleek and discrete system, the cassette lock ring holds 20 magnets that are detected by the integrated dropout sensor. The system monitors your pedaling input and adjusts power accordingly.


A smartphone and smartwatch compatible app enables deeper control of the iWoc system used by eMX. Ride tracking, activity and GPS route uploading and other functions are available from your mobile device, making Optima an even more valuable tool.

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