Jenson USA’s Annual Holiday Elementary School Bike Giveaway Brings Joy to Kids in Riverside

What do most elementary school-aged children have on their Christmas wish-list? It’s a new bike. And for sixty Riverside elementary students, that wish came true a few days early with the generous help of Jenson USA and Free Agent BMX Bicycles during the annual East Hills Holiday Bicycle Giveaway.

Each year, two local elementary schools are chosen to be the recipients of this holiday-themed program initiated by the East Hills Business Council of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce. Jenson USA, along with the support of Free Agent, stepped up and provided the new BMX style bikes through its “Kommute For Kids” campaign. The “Kommute For Kids” is a Jenson USA community program designed to encourage its employees to embrace the many benefits of the cycling lifestyle while earning bicycles for the Holiday Giveaway.

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By commuting to work via bicycle, individual Jenson USA employees log miles toward the donation of a bike to the “Kommute For Kids” cause. Starting last spring, more than thirty Jenson USA employees took part in this program resulting in sixty new Free Agent BMX bikes being awarded at Longfellow Elementary and Emerson Elementary schools in Riverside.

“Making a selection of the most worthy students to receive new bicycles is always a difficult task faced by school administrators and the teaching staffs,” commented Jenson USA founder and CEO, Michael Cachat, a leading national retailer of bicycles, parts and related accessories. “This year, the selection process included a learning experience requiring students to write a short essay focused on the theme, ‘Every Ride Is Epic, Where Would Your Bike Take You?’ The essay submissions were genuinely poignant and heartwarming, especially during the holiday season.”

A fifth grader wrote: “My bike will take me to school and home. Sometimes when I come to school I come late because I live far away and my family does not have a car. And I want a bike so I can go to my grandma’s house. I also want to ride my bike with my uncle Alex because he has a bike but I don’t. It would be fun.”

A fourth grade student wrote: “I would ride my bike to school and to the park. I would call my friends and ask if they could join me, but would also ask my mom to come and keep an eye on us. This bike would also help me stay healthy. Riding is good exercise. I hope to win this bike because it has been a while since I had a bike. If I don’t win a bike I know that another child will enjoy the bike as much as I would.”

“Bikes are an integral part of everyone’s life, especially kids,” remarked Cachat. “I’m just glad Jenson USA and its partners are able to continue this holiday tradition, helping deserving youngsters pursue educational success during this giving time of the year.”

In addition to support from Free Agent BMX, all sixty of the Holiday Bicycle Giveaway recipients also received donations of Kali Protectives Maha Helmets and new bike locks provided by the Riverside Chambers of Commerce.

During the presentation ceremonies at each school, Jackie Reseigne, Jenson USA’s customer engagement/events specialist, took the opportunity to deliver a timely talk about bicycle safety and the importance of always wearing a helmet when riding. In addition to the bicycles, locks and helmets, students also enjoyed a BMX bicycle tricks demonstration by Jenson USA’s Trevor Edwards.

Visit Jenson USA online at or at the Jenson USA Corona Superstore located at 2410 Wardlow Road, #109, Corona, CA 92880.

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