5 Ultimate Long-Distance Cycling Routes

5 ultimate long-distance cycling routes

Europe offers cyclists a large number of unique and scenic cycling trails. The continent is forward-thinking when it comes to cycling and many of Europe’s major cities have dedicated time and finances to building top-notch biking networks. When not cycling around Europe on great trails connecting major cities, free Vegas slots allow you to play some of the best online games.  If you are looking for a unique vacation and a chance to spend it on your bike, then why not try out these great long-distance cycling routes.

Capitals Route

The Capitals Route is a gorgeous cycling trail that connects Rotterdam in the Netherlands with Berlin, Germany. If you want to go on further, the route continues from Berlin all the way to Moscow, Russia. There are around 1,130 miles in between Berlin and Moscow, and you can enjoy a large swath of the European countryside while cycling from the capitals. Campsites and hostels can be found along the route while traffic is minimal.

Milan to Sanremo

Fancy riding a leg of the famous Giro d’Italia race? You can make the 200-mile journey from Milan to Sanremo and experience part of the legendary cycling contest. It is a unique way to travel in Italy and to feel like a real cycling pro.

Baltic Coast Cycle Path

While the other routes on this list will challenge you with distance and elevation, the Baltic Coast Cycle Path will hypnotize you with beauty. The path runs along Germany’s northern Baltic coast. On one side, you will find Germany and its forests and natural beauty. On the other side is white sand beaches and the expansive Baltic Sea. The path takes riders through lush national parks and towns provide quaint pubs to eat and drink at. Known as the German Riviera, the Baltic Sea coast of Germany is a region travelers come back to year after year due to its beauty.

The Cornish Way

The Cornish Way runs nearly 180 miles in length and is a part of the United Kingdom’s National Cycle Network. The route begins in the gorgeous English town of Land’s End and meanders around the Cornish coastline of western England. If you fancy a quick ride, you can finish the route in about two days. Inexperienced cycles should expect to spend around four to five days on The Cornish Way. If you want to enjoy the coast and the small Cornish towns and villages along the path, you may spend longer cycling the route.

The Romantic Road

Do you want to cycle and see medieval towns and castles on your European vacation? Then why not explore The Romantic Road? At just over 300 miles in length, The Romantic Road is a beautiful cycling route that takes you through historic German towns. Inexperienced cyclists will enjoy the route’s relatively flat terrain. The trail runs from the German Bavarian towns of Wurzburg to Fussen. You will end near the German-Austrian border and can continue the European adventure on routes within Austria. You shouldn’t miss the chance to take it easy and enjoy the pubs and beers of Bavaria while completing The Romantic Road.

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