The Road Ahead Ride and Fundraiser to Honor Mark Scott is Set for November 15

We received the following information regarding The Road Ahead Ride and Fundraiser to Honor Mark Scott in his fight against Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on November 15th:

You know Mark, he’s one-of us…

Last June, athlete, cycling advocate and all-around great guy, Mark Scott was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). After several rounds of in-patient chemo therapy to combat the cancer, Mark is still in need of a life altering bone marrow transplant.  With the help of his medical caregivers and your support, Mark is poised to return to life as you and I know it, filled with love, family, friends, hard-work and cycling.

To date, Mark is waiting for a bone marrow match to facilitate the rigorous transplant procedure. Unfortunately, a genetic match has yet to be found. Until those genetic markers are matched, the immediate concern is to minimize the effects of the cancer via chemo therapy and blood transfusions.  The medical team at Hoag Hospital has been amazing. The entire Oncology Dept. has fallen in love with Mark.  No surprise there, as Mark has a constant smile of gratitude and a twinkle in his eye even though the pain is more than most could handle.

So far, Mark has endured four grueling chemotherapy sessions.  From head to toe, his body has been riddled with a nauseating battery of probes, needles, bone core drills, aorta catheters, lumbar punctures, spinal taps, x-rays, photon-blasters and MRI’s.  Through it all, Mark Scott has yet to complain of his predicament…not once.

Mark is a warrior.  A stud, Down To The Marrow. Always the first guy to step up for friends, family and community. However, Mark is always reluctant to ask for help.  Therefore:

Today, were asking for him…

We need your help.

Your generous contribution will assist Mark in his journey to recover from leukemia. Sometimes, it takes teamwork to help a friend through a life threatening condition.

Team Mark Scott is an organized group of friends mobilized to help raise funds that will directly benefit Mark during his fight with cancer and additionally, about raising awareness for those afflicted with Leukemia.

To contribute to Mark’s GoFundMe page, click here.

The Road Ahead Ride – Optimism Is Contagious

This is not a race. This is a celebration of health, happiness and healing.  The Road Ahead is paved with optimism and hope…on the bike, and off. Help a friend, and receive back more than a good feeling, ride away with a better appreciation for people battling cancer.

Please join us, we’re confident you’ll have a great time hanging with old friends and new. We’ll have food, Fat Tire beer on tap and music.  We’ll even throw in great drawings for awesome and abundant swag!

Team Surf City Cyclery is donating GQ*6 hydration fuel and a brand new cruiser bike (brought to you by the elite master’s racing team)…Thank you Team SCC and GQ*6!

SHIMANO donated a brand new set of Carbon Racing Wheels and wait, wait for-it…Ultegra pedals…Thank You SHIMANO!

BIKE RELIGION in Dana Point embraced the idea of the Road Ahead Ride Honoring Mark Scott with open arms-Thank you BIKE RELIGION!

Today, the operative words are OPTIMISM, INSPIRATION, and GENEROSITY…

Mark Scott has been touched by your kindness and generosity. Now we’re asking that you come ready to have fun and share the power of healing vibes through cycling, friendship and…team work.

Thank you for your generosity. Hope to see you on The Road Ahead this November 15th!

Kindest Regards,

Team Mark Scott

Map My Ride Route for The Road Ahead Ride

Register for The Road Ahead Ride

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