Training: Should You Ride with a Cold?

Cycling with a Cold

1. Should You Ride with a Cold?

Who of you once rode with a stuffy nose or a slight cough?

Certainly, it has happened to each of us once or even several times, but is it really worth it? Will it help me if we do one or two more workouts?

You can find some guides online saying that you can ride if symptoms are above the neck you can ride and if they are below neck you shouldn’t ride.

It’s a very general rule that doesn’t reflect the whole state of affairs. Having flu or pneumonia is obvious that we can’t ride or even leave the bed. A slight runny nose or a slight sore throat tempts us, to do another training.

Is it worth it?

Do you know that physical effort with a sore throat can cause heart problems

It is not worth risking serious health problems for the next set of intervals.

Even with a slight cold, we recommend you quit training and treat it as a time for additional regeneration for your muscles. You will not lose your whole fitness if you leave one or several rides. Reducing the load on the body will allow you to get back to health faster.

Remember that there is only one health and there will be many more races!

2. How to Prevent Cold?

a well-balanced diet is the best source of vitamins and supplements that will help keep your body in good shape and exercising colds.

Vitamins and supplements
with a large amount of training, diet alone may not be enough, you often have to support yourself with supplements and vitamins.

Clean your hands
the easiest way to get infected is with transmitted bacteria, washing your hands may lower your chances of getting sick.

is the best regeneration and relax for your body, always take care of long and good sleep. Avoid screens (phone, computer, TV) for 2 hours before going to bed, it should help you fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep.

Don’t overload
too much training load can weaken the body. The result is reduced body immunity which can lead to illness.

Don’t freeze
especially in autumn and winter, dress warmly for every day and during training sessions.

Don’t ride with a cold
do not worsen your condition and concentrate on recovery


Above article by Damian Chlanda, Cyklopedia





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