In true Italian fashion, SH+ has designed and manufactured a bicycle helmet that exudes fashion,  function and comfort all tied into a light weight aero and good looking helmet with the SH+ Shalimar Pro Helmet.

With most helmet manufacturers making helmets not just for protection, but also for efficiency and function along with comfort and light weight, SH+ can be added to the list of manufactures that add some style. 

SH+ is well known in Italy for making stylish eyewear, but also SH+ makes stylish helmets for road and mountain biking.

On test is the SH+ Shalimar Pro Helmet, a semi-aero road helmet. I have been able to get some riding in with the SH+ Shalimar Pro and my first impression was that it is extremely light.

After getting it adjusted to my head,  I noticed how comfortable and light the straps were but felt strong. The rest of the adjusting of the helmet was pretty standard with a retention system that has a twist dial for dialing it in for a perfect fit.  The retention also allows you to raise the adjustment up or down for added comfort. The SH+ Shalimar Pro  helmet features a laser cut pad that is one main pad that fits in front to just past the middle of the helmet and blocks  unwanted bugs from flying into the vents in the front of the helmet.

Aside from the SH+ Shalimar Pro being light, it also has really good ventilation even at slow speed. So it’s great for an aero helmet that won’t heat up your head when you are climbing or just cruising along.

SH+ has most color combinations available, so matching your helmet to your favorite cycling kit is easy to do. You can check out the SH+ Shalimar Pro’s massive color selection as well as order the SH+ Shalimar Pro directly online via Gizmo Cycling.

So, if your in the market for something a little different in the helmet department then you can check out the SH+ Shalimar Pro helmets.

The MSRP for the SH+ Shalimar Pro Helmet is $249.99.  


Team PPBI photos courtesy Rick Thomas

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