Ride Safe…It’s just a break!

Orbea Ride Safe

A Message from Orbea


*Ride in a healthy and responsible way. It’s just a break.

After a brutal and complicated year that’s required us to stay apart yet push through this together, we see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. But that light will only turn on when we all do our part to play and recreate responsibly. “Ride Safe…It’s just a break!” is a campaign launched by Orbea that promotes safe cycling, encouraging every biker to be diligent and responsible with the health and safety guidelines in their country.

We are social creatures. A community of people who thrive on being together, thriving together. We enjoy the company of our cycling friends, pedaling in a group and taking in new landscapes and adventures with those who share our same passion for biking. Whether we flock to the cities or the mountains. Trails or paved roads. Or moving around the city to study, work or simply live…we share a passion that has become an extension of our lives and lifestyles.

But right now, our lifestyle has changed, forcing us to take a break from our routines and adapt to new situations. Suddenly we’re riding alone more often because social responsibility is at the top of our mind.

Let’s respect the rulesIt’s time to respect your local or regional rules, wherever your ride. Keep your distance and encourage your group to do the same. The time will come when we can once again enjoy those trails we love so much and the routes that get our hearts racing. But in the meantime, Ride Safe!

“Ride Safe…It’s just a break!” is a social investment into the wellbeing of our entire society and a commitment that we’ll return to our passions when it’s safe to do so.

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