Lauren Gregg Joins Fuji Bikes as Mountain Bike Marketing Manager

Lauren Gregg Joins Fuji Bicycles

Professional Racer will be Leading Fuji’s Mountain Bike Marketing Initiatives

Lauren Gregg has joined the team at Fuji Bikes as the Mountain Bike Marketing Manager. She will be leading Fuji’s mountain bike marketing initiatives including advertising, sponsorship, and growing and connecting with the Fuji mountain bike family. Lauren will also work closely with the Fuji mountain bike product team: helping to develop and refine the Fuji mountain bike lineup.

For the last decade, Lauren has been immersed in the mountain bike world as a professional racer. Starting in cross-country, and then transitioning to enduro, she earned three USA National Championship medals, and the title of 2014 California Enduro Series Champion. She has been racing for Fuji for two years in the Enduro World Series and across North America. Passionate about supporting young riders, Lauren coached NICA League high school teams and founded Turn Loose – a program that offers mentorship and funding to up-and-coming racers. She brings her diverse experience in marketing, her deep connections with the mountain biking community and her personal experience racing to help spread awareness of Fuji’s exciting new product line and expand their mountain bike presence.

“Working with Fuji for the past two years has been a great experience, and I am so excited to be joining the team as the Mountain Bike Marketing Manager,” says Gregg. “Since signing with Fuji, I have been very impressed by the bikes and even more so by their commitment to building a great mountain bike program. After meeting the team at Fuji, I knew the position was a perfect fit. This new opportunity will allow me to focus on my love for community building, creating grassroots programs, and getting more people outside having fun on our mountain bikes. Fuji is one of the most impressive companies I’ve had the opportunity to work with during my time as a racer and I am thrilled to be taking this next step in my career with them.”

“Lauren has been an amazing ambassador for Fuji over her last two year of racing with us” says Fuji Brand Director Brian McKinney. “Lauren is not only a great racer, she is also a natural marketer. I’m excited to have Lauren and her passion for riding and community engagement on the team and spreading the word about the awesome new Fuji bikes that are hitting the trails in the coming season.”

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