Product Review: Vision TriMax 25 KB Clincher Wheels

Vision TriMax 25 KB Clincher Wheels

The Vision TriMax 25 KB Clincher Wheels are all I can ask for in a training wheelset, and even more, because they are even light enough to race on.

The hard anodized style coating gives the Vision TriMax 25 KB Clincher Wheels a very handsome profile, with no shiny machined brake track to contrast against the darker gray body of the rim. This anodized brake surface also works very well, providing grippy stopping power whenever it’s needed.

There has also been attention paid to the small details that matter in a wheelset: on the front wheel the bladed spokes feed into parts of the rim that have been reinforced to prevent the nipple from deforming the rim under tension.

The rear wheel has even more individual features: as well as the same reinforced nipple beds, the rear rim has an asymmetrical shape that accommodates a more straight line from the dished rear hub. This allows for less angle at the spoke/rim junction which will lead to less stress on the parts over time.

I also really like the radial non-drive side lacing pattern for added stiffness.

Like any good wheelset, I don’t notice anything about the wheels while riding them – which is as it should be. A well planted and sturdy wheel will leave you feeling confident and sure-footed on descents and climbs alike.

Technical Specs:

  • • Alloy tubeless ready/clincher rims
    • Front: 20mm depth – Rear: asymmetric 24mm depth
    • Inter-spoke milling R06 system
    • P.E.O. hard coating – black rims, spokes & hubs
    • New extra light P.R.A. hubs for DP spokes
    • 6 sealed ACB bearings (2 F+4 R) mounted on a 17mm hub axle diameter
    • Aero bladed spokes
    • ABS self-locking nipples
    • Artisan built, entirely by hand
    • Includes Alloy QR-93 and rim tape
    • Aluminum freehub body for SMN 10-11 speed
    • 1,420 g/pair (w/o QR)Pricing and Where to Purchase

The MSRP is $788.00

For more information on the Vision TriMax 25 KB Clincher Wheels or to purchase please visit

Review by Ben Foster

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