Product Review: SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200 Black/Red

SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200

The SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200 are an amazing feat of cycling eye protection. They blend classic cycling design and modern “goggle” style trends into a seamless package. Like most cycling apparel and equipment, the highest form of praise is forgetting that you’re using it – and these glasses fit that bill.

The SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200 are frameless, which helps keep them light but also keeps your vision uncluttered. There’s no border at the top or bottom of your vision that can both obscure objects and also be a visual distraction. The glasses grip snugly but not too tightly so they stay secure as you are riding. The ear and nose pads have not caused any irritation even on all-day rides, and I don’t have to fiddle or adjust the glasses due to slippage. While I value function over form in my cycling sunglasses it doesn’t hurt that the SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200’s are also very attractive.

The lenses are also easy to swap out by pulling the arms and nose pad away, and I got a lot of use out of the rose/orange-tinted lense that was included with my pair in low-light or foggy sessions.

The included lens does a fantastic job of reducing glare and keeping my eyes from getting tired while being out all day in the blazing Southern California sun. Having tried many different sized and shaped sunglasses from many of the big-name eyewear brands on the market, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to prefer this pair of sports sunglasses over all others I’ve tried in the past.


  • Interchangeable polycarbonate lenses. 100% UV protection.
  • Includes hard protective case, 2 additional and a high-quality scratch-free bag.
  • Anti-fog treatment.
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Pro race cycling vented lens
  • Weight: 26g. 

How to Purchase

SH+ has a wide variety of color combinations available, so matching your eyewear to your favorite cycling kit is easy to do. You can check out the SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200’s extensive color selection as well as order the SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200 directly online at Gizmo Cycling.


The MSRP for the SH+ Sunglasses RG 5200 is $189.99.  

Review By Ben Foster

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