Ways Biking to Work Could Increase Your Productivity

Exercise and productivity in the same sentence! I know many people don’t even think that those two things go together! Now you take exercise and make it specific to biking, and that sounds like a lot of work! However, they say that it makes you productive. So, we are going to look at ways that biking can increase your productivity.

Reduces Health Costs

Let’s start with this bit of fact because we know that healthcare is a tremendous player in the world in which we live. Did you know that cycling will reduce health care costs? Cyclists, on average, live two years longer than non-cyclists and take fifteen percent fewer days off work due to illnesses. Statistics even show that non-cyclists take two more sick days per year. Some studies show a four to fifteen percent increase in productivity and twenty-seven percent fewer task errors from physically fit employees. Studies also show that staff members who cycle are more punctual. You can reduce absenteeism by up to eighty percent by encouraging your employees to ride bicycles to work.

Physical Activity

It has been proven that physical activity is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity. It is said to increase the ability of concentration and boost your energy; improve your mood: people who ride to work arrive invigorated and can work off the day’s stress on the way home; improve your ability to set priorities; and improves memory. So, why does explicitly riding a bike to work increase your productivity? Well, for one, it’s good exercise, and it makes you more aware of your surroundings. A major study found that people who commute short distances, walk, or ride bikes to work are more likely to be happy and, therefore, more productive. The study also found that short-distance and active travel commuters were relaxed, calm, enthusiastic, and satisfied with their commuting trips, and were more productive. Because physical activity is effective at reducing depression, boosting immunity, and making your brain work better, it’s not surprising that exercising as part of your daily commute could make you a happier, healthier, more productive employee. Walkers and bike commuters had a better work performance than their peers stuck behind the wheel or took public transportation.

Electric versus Traditional

There are many differences between a gas powered bicycle and a traditional bike, from the design to the mechanical differences. Electric bikes look a lot like standard bikes; even though most people think they are like scooters, they are not. They are more like a traditional bike than they are a scooter. With Electric bikes, you get on and start pedaling, and then the motor kicks in. The transition is so smooth you hardly notice the motor has started. It does not change the action of cycling; it makes it simpler to do. Some electric bike handlebars have essential components like an LCD that shows your speed, odometer, trips, and battery level. Also, some control your speed with our on-demand throttle for pedal-free cruising and five levels of pedal assist. Then the removable battery can power your bike for an average of forty miles. Gears that you can completely customize their ride to how much effort they would like. And some have bike motors that when you are flying up a steep hill, the brushless hub motor engages its peak performance of 750 watts to get you to the top in a breeze or when cruising on flat land; the engine remains at 500 watts.


Just remember to figure out how to make the commute work for you. If you live far away from your job, try splitting the difference by driving part way and riding the rest to give you a more active commute to arrive at work in a more energetic and upbeat mood. Walking or riding to public transportation is another way to ditch the car, which research shows are the most stressful form of transportation and more active commuting time. And if you want to try a game-changer, buy an electric bike.

By Oscar Whinprey

Photo by KBO Bike on Unsplash

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