Photo Gallery & Report: San Dimas Stage Race – Road Race

The San Dimas Stage Race continued with the  San Dimas Community Hospital Road Race around Lake Puddingstone and Bonelli Park today.

The weather was sunny and perfect, which must have been code for earthquake weather! After last nights 5.1 trembler, the race was delayed due to a mandatory check of the Puddingstone Dam to make sure there was no damage from the quake. After a quick inspection, it looks like the Dam held up and the race was back on, although some categories started 1.5 hours late and were shortened a few laps.

There was some great racing action in all categories. In the Pro men’s race, Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel Coffee-Norco Bicycle) sprinted to victory from a nine man break. Unfortunately, Varabei and third place finisher (Canyon Velo Bicycles – Shimano) were involved in a post finish line crash.  After gaining time in the break, Clement Chevrier (USA Bissell Development Team) moved into the Leaders Jersey.

In the women’s race, Karol Ann Canuel (Speciaized-lululemon) soloed to victory after being off the front for several laps and moved into the GC lead.

Above Photo – Sean McElroy (Team NCCF / Specialized Racing) celebrates a win in the Cat 2 race.

SDSR Results for all Categories

Below are some Photo Highlights from throughout the day. A full Photo Gallery will be available soon on

Photos ©  Christy Nicholson /

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