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“After forgetting yet another time to change the battery in my power meter I’ve built the new service that is going to take care of that automatically,”  explained creator Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi (vti) regarding his inspiration in creating — is an advanced bicycle components maintenance tracker, that allows to track components’ mileage separately based on different activities (indoor, outdoor) and profiles (race, road, gravel, mountain biking, track, audax, bikepacking). It synchronizes with STRAVA and imports all your bicycles & rides automatically. It will also notify when a service is due that can save you from a running out battery or an over stretched chain.

Highlights and Benefits of

Add components easily

We will report wear on over 10,000 existing parts from 50+ brands.

Check parts condition in time

Do not miss the scheduled maintenance! 

Based on real facts

The information is based on various configurations and bicycle models, it allows to determine service intervals more accurately.

Different component profiles

Once configured the automatic wear distribution algorithm takes care of all the fuss.

Automatic import

The app imports your workout information from other apps and services, including Strava. 

Getting started is easy

Now it is easy to monitor the wear of bicycle components

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