As a bike racer, that new-kit-day feeling is one I embrace with childish excitement each year. So when I got a message that our new Team kits had arrived and would be distributed at the race that weekend I could hardly wait. Sure enough, race day did not disappoint. With an extra bit of encouragement from our new gear, we made a strong team effort to deliver our first win of the season. Our sprinter Eduardo Cruz would cross the finish with a clean pair of wheels and his arms aloft – a fairytale unveiling of our new custom One4nine cycling kits.

About an hour before the race I had my new custom One4nine cycling kit in hand. I cracked it open and held it up to admire. The team’s new graphic design for 2021 was well executed and my first impression was a positive one. The high level of quality was immediately apparent in three key areas: premium fabrics, a refined modern fit, and thoughtful finishing touches.

The fabric was the first thing that stood out when I pulled on our custom bib shorts but the fit is what made me fall in love. The bib’s side panels have a subtle textured pattern and they pull on without a hassle, unlike some other bibs I’ve worn. The leg grippers provide just the right amount of support without being overly compressive while the seam-placement and pattern construction as a whole has a very comfortable and unrestrictive feeling. 

At 5’9” and 160 lbs the medium bibs have a comfortable and modern fit in which the leg length reaches close to the knee for maximum coverage. If you like a shorter fit, I would recommend that you consider sizing down. The fabrics have a lot of stretch which makes the fit quite flexible for different body shapes and fit preferences. 

The back panel is reinforced with a lightweight and breathable mesh which helps with cooling on hot days. The seamless bib straps are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. There’s nothing fancy about the chamois but it does the trick. I like that it’s black and not overly thick. Small reflective strips are sewn into the back of the leg and are a nice finishing touch that looks pretty cool when riding at night. Finally, there’s a sewn-in tag with lines for you to write your name, blood type and emergency contact – a nice finishing touch on a well-rounded garment. 

The One4nine bibs are truly a premium quality product with fabric, fit and details that have been well thought out and executed to provide a great riding experience. The jersey is that and even more. 

Our Team custom One4nine jersey utilizes a host of performance fabrics and also shares a longer modern fit with the bibs. The sleeve edges are laser cut, folded and bonded and stay nicely in place without silicon grippers. The zipper is no-frills and the low profile collar is just the right height.

I avoid pinning my race number directly into the side panels. They’re a really nice, lightweight and breathable woven fabric that helps with cooling but can be damaged by the pins. The front and back panels are a sleek but durable 4-way stretch that can better handle them. Because of the amount of stretch, I would also consider sizing down on the jersey if you like an aero race-fit.

The level of detail and thought put into the One4nine custom products showcases itself again in the well-constructed jersey pockets and bonus horizontal zipper pocket. At first, I thought it was a bit much for a race jersey but I use it all the time. Just like the bibs, there’s a reflective strip and name tag sewn into the jersey to finish it off.

It’s only been a few months since we first unveiled our custom One4nine kit and took that first win but that new kit feeling is still lingering. I’m just as stoked on our kits as I was on day one. Since then, One4nine has launched its own house-brand jersey and bibs that look incredible. They are definitely a brand to watch and a name to consider if you’re looking for custom cycling apparel.

To learn more about One4Nine Cycling Apparel please visit

Product Review by Rex Roberts, Team

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