Pactimo Men’s Summit Aero Mesh Jersey

and Pactimo Men’s Flyte Bib Shorts Review

With 2023 well underway, our Team has been training and racing in Pactimo Custom Team apparel for the 2022 and 2023 seasons with great success.

This year, Pactimo has adjusted the fitting and fabrics used on the Summit Aero Mesh Jersey and Flyte Bib Shorts. The fit is more true to size and offers a more tailored fit with an aero race design on the Summit Aero Mesh jersey and Flyte Bib Shorts, which are Pactimo’s premium clothing line.

We take a look at the features of the newly upgraded of the Pactimo Summit Aero Mesh Jersey and Flyte Bib Shorts that improve fit, design, fabrics and customization which will make your bike ride that much more enjoyable.

Pactimo Men’s Summit Aero Mesh Jersey

Improved Fit and Fabrics:  The 2023 version of the Summit Aero Mesh Jersey utilizes various panels and fabrics to provide an exceptional fit. The fit feels almost like a second skin but comes with numerous technical features.

37.5 Technology:  One of the most notable features is the use of 37.5 technology in the mesh part of the jersey, which allows for a significant advantage in regulating body temperature. The 37.5 patented material maintains a consistent body temperature, resulting in a 25 percent boost in riding performance. So, in addition to the supportive fit, it utilizes technology in the fabrics to not only fit better but also enable peak performance in all conditions.

The 37.5 material is used on the front of the jersey, along with the side/back panels and sleeves, where it’s most effective.

Longer Sleeves:  The sleeves on the Summit Aero Mesh Jersey are designed to be long for a more aerodynamic fit. They provide extra support, reducing fatigue on long or intense rides.

Quality Zipper:  The zipper used in the jersey also performs exceptionally well. It doesn’t get stuck when putting on the jersey or while zipping it up. The zipper locks securely in place and feels sturdy.

Multiple Pockets:  Another fantastic feature is the use of all the pockets on the Summit Aero Mesh Jersey . The Summit Aero Mesh Jersey has a hidden pocket in the right rear pocket for storing keys or small items that might be needed after a long ride or along the journey. It also includes a radio pocket for team radios, incorporated on the inside of the Summit Aero Mesh Jersey, in addition to the three standard rear pockets.

Custom for Teams and Clubs:  The Summit Aero Mesh Jersey and bibs are available for custom orders for cycling teams and clubs. The graphics on the Summit Aero jerseys are spot-on for both the Summit Aero Mesh Jersey Men and Flyte Bib Shorts.

Pactimo Men’s Flyte Bib Shorts

With the Pactimo Summit Aero Mesh jersey redesigned for 2023, the Pactimo Flyte Bib Shorts also underwent a redesign for 2023.

Customizable Design: The new Pactimo Flyte Bib Shorts are fully customizable, allowing you to sublimate the entire lower part of the bibs to customize your team’s look. With the new color options and customization, they also offer an excellent fit.

Compression Feel: The new materials used provide a compression feel, reducing fatigue during long or intense rides. They make it feel like they fit seamlessly on your legs and upper body, all the way down to the grippers.

Comfortable Grippers: The gripper sections are long and molded into the openings of the Flyte Bib Shorts, ensuring the most comfortable fit. Everything about these bibs feels very lightweight and minimal. Every aspect of the new design likely had significant input from the pro riders they sponsor.

Minimal Chamois: The chamois is also minimal but extremely comfortable, positioned correctly for all-day riding.

Comfortable Bib Straps: The bib straps almost go unnoticed but offer excellent support without any discomfort or movement, unlike some other bibs.

Core Support: The midsection of the Flyte Bib Shorts also has a compression feel but is made of a recycled mesh material that provides additional support in the core or lower back.

Rear Pockets: As if there isn’t enough technology in the Flyte Bib Shorts already, they also feature two rear pockets for additional storage for small items that may not fit in your jersey.

The Pactimo Flyte Bib Shorts feel incredibly high-tech and are so comfortable that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them until you take them off, and you’ll realize how much they contributed to your performance with less leg fatigue.

Both the Pactimo Flyte Bib Shorts and Summit Aero Mesh jersey are the ultimate in cycling apparel, offering the perfect blend of fit and technology for top-notch performance.

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Review by Frank Sarate, Team


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