BikeFlights Buck Up For Bikes Program Donates $16,000

BikeFlights has donated $16,000 to Trip for Kids, the NICA, Little Bellas and the International Mountain Bike Association.

Trips for Kids, NICA, Little Bellas & IMBA receive contributions

BikeFlights has donated $16,000 to Trip for Kids, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), Little Bellas and the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) from funds raised via its Buck Up for Bikes (BUFB) program throughout 2021.

“It’s important to help support groups that encourage participation in cycling, especially during these past couple of very difficult years,” said BikeFlights President William Alcorn. “We’re happy that we have our Buck Up For Bikes program in place to do this and that our customers continue to donate to these groups.”

 Originally created in 2016 to benefit NICA and the Amy D. Foundation, BikeFlights’ Buck Up for Bikes program has been growing ever since. Since the program’s inception, BikeFlights has raised and given out more than $85,000.

“Who knew that such a selfless idea would become such a powerful source of support for the nonprofits that BikeFlights’ Buck Up for Bikes program generously supports each year?” said Amy Carver, Trips for Kids Director of Community and Development. “We are humbled to be a recipient of these funds which will enable us to educate the next generation of riders and wrenchers in the New Year. BikeFlights helps bring our community together. Thank you.”

“It means so much to NICA to have BikeFlights’ continued support through their Buck Up for Bikes program,” said Amanda Carey, Acting NICA President. “Our partnership with BikeFlights helps us build and grow thriving cycling communities across the country and furthers our mission to build strong minds, bodies, character and communities through cycling.”

IMBA is honored to be part of the BikeFlights Buck Up For Bikes program. Our work for great places to ride is integral to the fantastic programming provided by our fellow Buck Up For Bikes partners: Trips for Kids, NICA and Little Bellas. This work to get kids outside on bikes warms our hearts and underscores the importance of having more trails close to home. More trails for more people in more places—especially for kids!” said David Wiens, IMBA Executive Director. 

Sabra Davison, Director of Little Bellas said, “The Buck Up For Bikes campaign has been supporting our organization for years. It’s amazing to see the groundswell of support that comes from the BikeFlights community. We are grateful for those that add a dollar at checkout, as they add up to accomplish a lot.”

Per the Buck Up for Bikes program, BikeFlights customers have two options upon checkout when booking their bike shipping online: 1) Contribute a buck to any of the four beneficiaries; or 2) Contribute a buck to each of the four beneficiaries. BikeFlights not only collects and tracks all donations, but also supplements collected contributions and covers the costs of administering and publicizing the program.


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