BikeLA Releases 2023 Bicycle Safety Report

BikeLA recently released the 2023 Bicycle Safety Report

Majority of Bicycle Fatalities in 2022 Occurred in Low-Income

Neighborhoods and on Roads with Inadequate Infrastructure.

BikeLA recently released the 2023 Bicycle Safety Report, stressing the ongoing need to expand investments in active transportation infrastructure quickly and equitably. The report analyzes the 26 bicycle-related fatalities on LA County roadways in 2022 and determines several key findings.

Most notably, the report identifies four factors that were prevalent in the vast majority of collisions. These design elements include high speed limits, excessive travel lanes, missing bike lane infrastructure, and poor street lighting. With 81% of collisions involving two or more of these factors, it suggests that infrastructure deficiencies are the main culprit behind the dangerous conditions on the county’s roads.

The report also considers the geographic distribution of each collision and found that 61% of last year’s bicycle fatalities took place in heavily concentrated low-income, Black and Latinx neighborhoods. Tragically, many crashes were also concentrated along heavily-traveled corridors without quality bike infrastructure including Anaheim Street in Long Beach and Figueroa Street in Los Angeles.

As an organization committed to creating safe, enjoyable, and vibrant communities for cyclists, BikeLA recommends several solutions including reducing speed limits, embracing road diets, and expanding cyclist education programs. Taken together, these solutions can help governments across the county recommit to their vision for zero traffic fatalities.

“When we bicycle we become members of every community we ride through,” said BikeLA Executive Director Eli Akira Kaufman, ”However, no matter how conscientious we are on the road, the infrastructure we rely on must do a better job of supporting our freedom to navigate Los Angeles without fearing for our lives. The current reality on the street detailed in our 2023 Bicycle Safety Report is unacceptable for all modalities and we are committed to advocating for the systemic change necessary to make our region bikeable for everyone no matter their zip code” Eli is available for interviews at [email protected].

“When we look at the impacts, we see that the communities that need the greatest assistance are located in lower income, POC dense areas,” says Kevin Shin, BikeLA’s Deputy Director. “This shows the impact of historic disinvestment and racist policies that lead to a lack of resources resulting in the negative outcomes we experience now. Our goal is to have this data reshape the policies that distribute resources so that these communities get to enjoy their streets safely.” Kevin Shin, BikeLA’s Deputy Director, is also available for interviews at [email protected].

Bicycle Safety Report

The entire Bicycle Safety Report, including an interactive map that highlights the locations of all 26 fatalities from 2022 can be found online at

BikeLA is a membership-based transportation non-profit that promotes inclusive and enhanced cycling infrastructure across LA County through advocacy, education, and outreach efforts. Learn more at


Photo – With its high speed limit, multiple travel lanes, and missing bike facilities, Anaheim Street in Long Beach (pictured above) was identified as one of the safety hot spots in the county. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons 

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