Amgen Tour of California in Photos: An Unforgettable Cycling Event

This week in May would have been the week when the Amgen Tour of California would have traditionally taken place. This was an unforgettable week that cycling fans enjoyed and looked forward to watching the Tour of California live in person  at the various stages or virtually with daily online, TV coverage and photo galleries.

Founded in 2006, the Amgen Tour of California enthralled cycling enthusiasts and sports fans for over a decade, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of California’s landscapes and the exceptional talents of world-class cyclists. As one of the premier professional cycling races in the United States, the tour attracted large crowds and gained international recognition. Unfortunately, AEG announced a hiatus for the Amgen Tour of California in 2020, which unfortunately has left a void for cycling fans in the United States and California.

Scenic Routes and Diverse Terrain

One of the key factors behind the Amgen Tour of California’s appeal was its meticulously crafted routes that showcased California’s diverse terrain. From the sun-kissed coastlines of Southern California to the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada and Mt. Baldy, each stage offered breathtaking landscapes that captivated both riders and spectators. The Amgen Tour of California’s ability to highlight the natural beauty of California played a significant role in its popularity.

Photo Gallery: The Amgen Tour of California

World-Class Field and Competitive Racing

The Amgen Tour of California attracted top-tier international participants, creating fierce competition and thrilling racing action over the years from riders like Peter Sagan, Mark Cavendish and Tadej Pogacar. The event consistently featured world-class teams and riders, ensuring high-speed excitement, strategic maneuvers, and captivating breakaways. This competitive element kept audiences on the edge of their seats and contributed to the tour’s reputation as a world-class event.

Spectator Experience and Community Engagement

In addition to the race itself, the Amgen Tour of California provided a unique spectator experience and fostered community engagement. Lively race atmospheres, interactive fan zones, and engaging community events created a vibrant celebration of the sport. Local businesses thrived during the race, thanks to the surge of economic activity brought by the tour. Moreover, the event created a sense of unity and camaraderie among cycling enthusiasts, forging lasting connections within the community.

Challenges Faced by the Amgen Tour of California

Despite its popularity, the Amgen Tour of California faced challenges that ultimately led to its cancellation. Scheduling conflicts with other major races and difficulties attracting top-tier international participants impacted its competitiveness. Financial pressures and sponsorship woes added further strain, as organizing such a grand event required significant financial resources. Moreover, logistical challenges posed by California’s diverse geography and permit requirements added complexity to the tour’s organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a final blow to the Amgen Tour of California. As the race organization reevaluated if they would be able to relaunch in 2021,  the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the pandemic made it impossible to proceed with the race.

A Lasting Legacy

The Amgen Tour of California leaves behind a lasting legacy of unforgettable moments and a profound impact on the cycling landscape. The tour inspired a new generation of cyclists, influenced professional cycling in California and beyond, and its absence leaves a sense of sadness among its loyal followers who will forever cherish the memories of this iconic event.

Hopefully, the Amgen Tour of California can return again for cycling fans and the world-class cyclists to enjoy again in the future.


Photos by Christy Nicholson /



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