EF Pro Cycling and EF Education-Cannondale Announce 2024 Rosters

EF Pro Cycling is Fusion of Youth and Experience in 2024

The 2024 EF Pro Cycling roster of the team is a captivating fusion of youthful exuberance and seasoned experience, setting the stage for a season brimming with potential. With the countdown to the 2024 season kickoff underway, the team reflects on past achievements and eagerly anticipates the challenges ahead.

Post-Team Camp Excitement

Following the conclusion of a successful team camp and with the Tour Down Under looming on the horizon, the team is buzzing with anticipation to return to the racing circuit. The 2023 season marked a pinnacle in team history, boasting 26 wins, six national champions jerseys, and notable victories at the Giro d’Italia. The aim now is to build upon this impressive foundation.

Director’s Vision: Balancing Strengths and Experience

EF Pro Cycling’s Head Sport Director Charly Wegelius emphasizes the importance of playing to the team’s strengths and maintaining the positive trajectory achieved in the previous season. Recognizing standout performances from riders like Ben Healy and Neilson Powless in 2023, Charly underscores the value of a well-balanced roster that includes seasoned riders like Alberto Bettiol and Richard Carapaz.

Embracing a New Wave of Talent

Charly highlights the significance of the team’s diverse rider mix, encompassing those at their peak, emerging talents, and a promising influx of new riders making their WorldTour debut. The optimism surrounding the young roster is palpable, with an emphasis on providing space for growth and development without imposing unrealistic expectations.

Scouting Success

Director of scouting, Sebastian Langeveld, outlines the meticulous process of identifying and recruiting young talent. The team’s attractiveness stems from a genuine and realistic approach, steering clear of extravagant recruitment stories. The commitment to these riders extends beyond immediate success, with confidence in witnessing substantial growth over the next few years.

CEO’s Confidence in 2024

Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of EF Pro Cycling, expresses confidence in the team’s potential for the upcoming season. Acknowledging the dynamism and attacking spirit within the roster, he emphasizes the blend of youthfulness and experience, making it an exciting yet responsible venture for both management and veteran riders.

Reflecting on 2023 Triumphs

The team takes pride in the accomplishments of 2023, from Alberto Bettiol’s Tour Down Under prologue win to Ben Healy’s memorable Giro d’Italia stage victory. The return of Michael Valgren and Esteban Chaves’ historic Colombian national championship win add to the team’s rich tapestry of achievements.

A Unified Journey to 2024

As the team looks ahead, the commitment to riding as one resonates strongly. The collective aspiration is to make 2024 the team’s best season ever, fueled by the lessons of the past and a shared passion for the sport. Join the team on this exciting journey towards a year of triumph and accomplishment.

EF Pro Cycling 2024 Roster

Andrey Amador, 37
Markel Beloki, 18
Alberto Bettiol, 30
Stefan Bissegger, 25
Richard Carapaz, 30
Simon Carr, 25
Hugh Carthy, 29
Alexander Cepeda, 25
Esteban Chaves, 33
Rui Costa, 37
Stefan de Bod, 27
Owain Doull, 30
Ben Healy, 23
Mikkel Honore, 26
Lachlan Morton, 31
Lukas Nerurkar, 20
Andrea Piccolo, 22
Neilson Powless, 27
Sean Quinn, 23
Darren Rafferty, 20
Jack Rootkin-Gray, 21
Jonas Rutsch, 25
Archie Ryan, 22
James Shaw, 27
Georg Steinhauser, 22
Harry Sweeny, 25
Yuhi Todome, 21
Rigoberto Urán, 36
Michael Valgren, 31
Marijn van den Berg, 24
Jardi van der Lee, 22

2024 EF Education-Cannondale Women’s Team Roster

General manager Esra Tromp explains how she built team of 15 riders

Fifteen riders from 10 countries are excited and ready to take on the 2024 season with EF Education-Cannondale.

Building Fearless: Esra Tromp’s Approach

General manager Esra Tromp set about building the team’s roster from scratch. A task that might have overwhelmed some, Esra approached the process with a fearless attitude – the same quality she sought out in all 15 of our riders.

Bold Riders, Bold Team: The Common Thread’

“What they all have in common is they are not scared,” Esra says. “Our riders are not scared to race really aggressively. Our riders want to race aggressively. They dare to think outside of the box. That’s one of our biggest strengths as a team. We need to win races and not be scared to lose races. Our riders want to overcome their perceived limits. These are some bold riders.”

Priorities in Focus: Racing with Purpose

As Esra considered which riders to sign, she kept the team’s priorities front and center.

“The first thing we did was say, ‘What is important to us as a team?’ and that was our starting point,” Esra says. “We want to be visible in races and we want to be active in the final kilometers of a race, so in order to do that, you need experienced riders who are physically capable of riding and racing in the final. That was the first box we wanted to check. That’s what riders like Alison Jackson and Veronica Ewers and Letizia Borghesi bring.”

Long-Term Vision: Building for the Future

But Esra isn’t building a team just for 2024. She has kept the long-term trajectory of our team in mind when scouting riders to sign for the upcoming season.

“The next question is, ‘How do we build a team for the future?’ Not only for next year, but also for the years after that. We have a lot of young talent on the team like Megan Armitage and Clara Emond who are still new to the peloton and still developing,” she says.

Beyond the Race: Building Characterful Teams

A team is more than just strong riders and savvy racers, Esra points out.

“Then you search for the best combination of characters and personalities,” she says. “The personalities need to be able to work together. We have a wide range of personalities. We have introverts, extroverts, and people who fall in between. It’s a really nice mix.”

2024 Goals: Winning Races with Innovation

When Esra discusses our team’s goals for the 2024 season, she is clear.

“Being out there and being visible in races,” Esra says. “We won’t go to all the races but we are there to win and to always create the possibility that we can win races. We’ll use our strengths and we’ll think a little bit outside the box. Of course there are priority races that are important to us as a team, races like the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix, having a former winner on the team, and we’ll approach those races like any other – what do we need to do to win? That is our main goal, to win races.”

Camp Recap

The team recently wrapped the first camp of the 2024 season in Girona and Esra says the mood was jubilant.

“Everybody’s super excited to get started even though it’s still technically the off season and the riders still need their rest,” she laughs. “The riders see the strength of their teammates. They really see our potential as a team. They really feel welcome. They see they are equal to the men’s team after our team camp. This is a great start and we will only build on this excitement.”

EF Education-Cannondale 2024 roster

Megan Armitage, 27
Letizia Borghesi, 25
Kim Cadzow, 22
Clara Emond, 26
Veronica Ewers, 29
Kristen Faulkner, 31
Lotta Henntala, 34
Alison Jackson, 35
Nina Kessler, 35
Clara Koppenburg, 28
Coryn Labecki, 31
Natalie Quinn, 21
Noemi Ruegg, 22
Lizzie Stannard, 26
Magdeleine Vallieres, 22

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