How to Make Cycling Part of Your Daily Routine

Cycling also has strong communities across the globe, and joining these communities is one of the best ways to grow to love this hobby.

Cycling has been around since 19th century, and we have way more effective modes of transportation nowadays. But, it’s not going anywhere because so many people enjoy it and use it as their preferred method of commuting. It’s not all about convenience after all.

Sure technology has made everything more accessible even our hobbies. Take gambling for example, you can easily find the best online casinos in Canada and even use multiple accounts to fully utilize different promotions. But being physically present in lush casino halls and surrounded by other players at the table has its own charms, which is a gap online business can’t bridge, yet.

Cycling also has strong communities across the globe, and joining these communities is one of the best ways to grow to love this hobby. So let’s see what are some of the easiest ways to incorporate bike rides into your daily lives.

Benefits of Cycling

You’ve probably heard a 100 times how cycling is good for health, the environment, how it lowers stress and improves circulation. But those are general, long-term goals that don’t quite cut it as motivation on a personal level.

So let us give you another pitch. We live in a world that revolves around data analysis, documentation, and online correspondence. A lot of us spend the majority of our daily lives stuck behind the desk and our bodies weren’t built for that type of inactivity.

Adding cycling is adding more balance, and creating the habit of being more active. This will allow you to weed out some bad habits and replace them with healthier alternatives. For instance, many have swapped alcohol with cycling altogether. In fact, they claim that the cycling buzz is much better!

Getting Started with Cycling

One of the big pain points or deterrents of this hobby is price. Many high-quality bikes and equipment will cost you an arm and a leg. So, if you invest that much and don’t like the hobby the disappointment will only get magnified.

Luckily, you can find lots of budget alternatives and even buy used equipment a lot cheaper. If you only plan to do this casually, this will do. Equip yourself with the basic safety gear like a helmet, lights, and reflective clothing. Begin with short rides, gradually increasing distance as your confidence grows. Once you get a hang of it you’ll likely get extra motivation to save up and buy higher quality gear.

Stop Wasting Time Online

Content platforms can have us scrolling for hours without even realizing it, That time could be better spent elsewhere. However, instead of quitting scrolling altogether, you can use your online time to find cycling communities or bike ride groups. Here are some bike clubs in Canada that are worth checking out:

  • Port Alberni Cycling Club
  • Banded Goose Cycle Club
  • Beaches Cycling Club
  • The Sault Cycling Club

Following cycling vloggers or influencers on various social media can also motivate you on your cycling journey. Furthermore, you can combine bike rides with other hobbies, such as exploring new dining options in your city or sightseeing if you’re traveling abroad.

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Incorporating Cycling Into Daily Routine

As stated joining a club with other beginners is probably the best way to get the ball rolling. This way you aren’t only making a personal commitment you also want to show up for other members because you promise.

Additionally, you can start by using this method of transportation to get to work. That said many fans once again rely on technology to help them out. There are apps that help you plan your route, and these gradually increase in difficulty. So, you get to track your own progression and you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Creating a Cycling Schedule

Start with three 30-minute cycling sessions per week, ideally in the morning or evening to avoid traffic and peak sun. Gradually increase to daily rides, mixing work commutes with longer weekend excursions. Prioritize consistency and gradually build up duration and intensity.


The moral of the story, stop scrolling, go out, and start enriching your life with meaningful experiences that truly matter. Embrace the journey, enjoy the ride, and soon you’ll see your world from a thrilling new perspective.

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