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Pure Hero Captain America Jersey
By Chris DeMarchi

This was a pretty cool jersey to ride. Let me start with the positives. I rode this jersey in cold weather and in hot weather, as well. It responded well in both situations. The fabric seemed to hold in the warm in cold weather and soak up the sweat and cool me down in the hot weather. I was wearing the Captain America Jersey while riding and surprisingly I got a lot of cool comments when wearing it. I also rode into the local bike shop and they thought it was very stylish. It was a fun jersey. Not really a negative or a positive, but the jersey is cut to fit more of a club rider than an elite rider. It runs a little big in sizing, so be prepared to maybe buy a size smaller. It also has a little extra room in the stomach area. Not alot, but enough for me to notice. The jersey has a bigger collar than normal, but this was actually a plus in the colder weather and not a bother in the hot weather. The zipper on my jersey was very short, only about 4 to 6 inches. Maybe this is so the zipper does not interfere with the Captain America graphics. Also the pockets in the rear appear to be individual, but in actuality is one big pocket. Overall, it was a great jersey to ride and I think everyone should have one in there collection. Visit for this jersey and other Classic Marvel designs.

Our Super Hero looking stylish in this Pure Hero Captain America Jersey
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