Breakaway from Cancer Masters Team Announces Roster

The Breakaway from Cancer Masters Team (BfC) looks to continue its winning ways in 2012, after a successful 2011 campaign. The team had announced a shift in focus entering 2011; most notably by cutting the team in half and expansion of their charitable efforts. BfC will continue to expand their work with their sponsors on specific events, corporate awareness programs, and other outreach in 2012.

The 2012 squad will be called Breakaway from Cancer Masters, to fully align itself with Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer® initiative.  Breakaway from Cancer® was created by Amgen to increase awareness of the important resources available to people fighting cancer – from prevention to education, and from cancer care to advocacy and support.

The BfC team has slowly been transitioning to the Breakaway from Cancer name and our sponsors have been fully supportive of this process. “Our team is no longer solely focused on racing 24/7, yet 2011 proves that we can continue to race strong while adding value to our sponsor needs and charitable outreach,” said Jerry Jayne, Founder, Amgen Cycling.

Our team is fortunate to be supported by a majority of its sponsors, and welcomes our new sponsors as well. Existing sponsors include Pacific Meso Center, Hincapie Sportswear, Shimano, Specialized, Panaracer, Sierra Nevada, Pine River Investments, Mazda, Surf City Cyclery and UBS.  Joining the BFC family for 2012 will be Techlite Wheels and Xendurance.

One notable change for the BfC Masters Team for 2012 is with its Official Sports Nutrition Provider, Xendurance.  “Sports Nutrition is very complex for an aging elite athlete and there are a number of factors to consider when thinking of the needs of your team” said Jerry Jayne, Founder, Amgen Cycling. “The name Extreme Endurance sums it up well. It’s an organization fully dedicated to the endurance athlete, which we can honestly say isn’t always the case in the nutrition sector. This dedication to the endurance athlete was a primary driver and establishing this relationship with Xendurance for 2012.”

The 2012 Breakaway from Cancer Masters Team Roster:

Thurlow Rogers+*#    Malcolm Hill*
Wayne Stetina*#        Peter Sullivan
Richard Meeker*        Keith Ketterer+*^
Michael Johnson         Jason Bausch

Steve Strickler*           Roger Worthington*
Jerry Jayne*               Roy Knickman*#
Neil Shirley                Robb Mesecher
Gus Corona                Brett Clare*

+ World Champion      # Olympian     * National Champion    ^ World Record Holder

The team would like to congratulate Richard Meeker on his phenomenal 2011 racing season and National Championship. They would also like to congratulate Rich and Malcolm Hill on their superb performances at Masters Worlds in Belgium this past September.

Photo © Scott Dworkin

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