Cascade Cycling Classic Adds New Masters Categories Thanks to Worthy Brewing

The Cascade Cycling Classic p/b Regence BlueCross BlueShield has expanded the Men’s Masters Categories to include more racers, more events, more prize money, more fabulous jerseys and more fun.

The Cascade Cycling Classic  has created two separate races:  the Men’s 50 plus, and the Men’s 35 and 40 Plus.  In the latter race, they will score the 35-39 racers separately from the Men’s 40 plus, who will be competing for their jerseys and cash prize list.

The date and length of the stages will remain the same. The Men’s 50 plus will be competing for $3,500, plus the yellow, green and polka dot jersey. The Men’s 35-39 will be competing for $2,000 and the above jerseys, and the 40 plus will be racing for $3,500 and the usual jerseys.

And all categories will be racing for fun, glory and charity. All proceeds from the 37th Annual Cascade Cycling Classic will benefit the Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation.

Worthy Brewing is sponsoring the Master’s Men’s cash prize list. Worthy Brewing is also sponsoring Stage 1 of the Pro Men’s and Women’s CCC, which starts in Madras, Oregon and ends 123 miles later for the men at the Dee Wright Observatory atop McKenzie Pass.

“We are excited to support the best and longest running stage race in America,” said Roger Worthington, owner of Worthy Brewing. “We’re also honored to be able pay tribute to cycling legend Chris Hipp, who died 7 years ago, a few days before the CCC, which he was going to race.”

Worthy will be brewing a special beer to honor Chris Hipp, which they’ve named “Captain Nimrod’s Pound-Flail Ale.”  It’s widely known among Masters Racers that Hipp was the designer of the Captain Nimrod artwork on the jersey of the former juggernaut Labor Power masters cycling team, which he also co-founded with Worthington back in The Day.

All Masters Racers will receive a coupon for a free beer at Worthy Brewing, located on the East Side of Bend, from July 22 to the 24th.

You can read more about the Cascade Cycling Classic from Roger Worthington and Worthy Brewing in classic Roger style at

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