Photo Sequence & Video: When Santa is Naughty at the Amgen Tour of California

amgen tour of california

Super Fans, including Santa Claus, came out in droves to cheer on the riders as they crested the KOM at the Amgen Tour of California’s epic Mt. Baldy stage in 2012.  Apparently, Santa made Aussie Robbie McEwen’s naughty list when he popped out in front of his gruppetto and Robbie decided to give him a friendly elbow to the head! Good thing Santa was wearing his helmet.

This was Robbie McEwen’s final stage race before retiring and it looks like he went out in style. Classic Robbie!

Hopefully Santa has learned his lesson and will not have any trouble delivering presents to everyone on Santa’s Nice List this Christmas.

Check out the photo sequence below as well as the video below at 4:40 to see Santa and McEwen in action.

Photos © Christy Nicholson /

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