Results: Red Trolley Classic Criterium

The Red Trolley Classic Criterium hosted  the popular race that has become a staple for Super Bowl Sunday.   Please check back to for report and photos.

Photo – Travis McCabe (Elbowz Racing) celebrates winning the Pro 1/2 race at the Red Trolley Classic Criterium. Photo © Frank Sarate,

The Red Trolley Classic Criterium  Result Highlights

Full Results

Pro 1/2

  1. Travis McCabe, Elbowz Racing
  2. Kenneth Hanson, Team Optum pb Kelly Benefit Strategies
  3. Orlando Garibay, SC Velo / MRI U23
  4. Luls Fernando Maclas , Team Chetomal
  5. Justin Williams, Cash Call Mortgage
  6. Enrique Aldapa, Calimax
  7. Eder Frayre, Calimax
  8. Anthony Canevari,
  9. Andrew Salcedo
  10. Bryan Larsen, Stage 17 Racing

Cat 3

  1. Seth Veenbaas, MRl Endurance Elite Juniors
  2. Roger Ainslie, Swamis
  3. Dylan Schuyler, Echelon Santa Barbara
  4. Nathan Seaford, MRl Endurance Elite Juniors
  5. Jeremy Lapacik, Donny’s Cafe
  6. Robert Perez
  7. Christopher Jennings, Paramount Racing
  8. Sean Ekins, CA Pools/Primal
  9. Paul Chia, CA Pools/Primal
  10. JayPee Gregorio, Try Cycling-Jax Bicycle Racing

Cat 4-5

  1. Henry Szczypiorski Jr ,Cast A Shadow
  2. Erwin Lozano Adrenaline Cycling Club
  3. Josue Rodriguez
  4. Nicholas Ryan, G S Adams Avenue Brcycies
  5. Dave Ducazau
  6. Ian Pike, G S Adams Avenue Bicycies
  7. Todd Struyk, Catalyst Racing
  8. Gordon Henning
  9. Edwin Clement, ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
  10. Drew Lawyer, ACQUA AL 2/SDBC

Women 1-3

  1. Suzanne Sonye, Helens Racing
  2. Julie Cutts Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21
  3. Lea Adams SC Velo / Incycle
  4. Jennifer Valente Exergy Twenty16
  5. Shelby Reynolds, Helens Racing
  6. Janel Holcomb, Team Optum
  7. Holly Breck, SC Velo / Incycle
  8. Angelica Frayre, Calimax pb Pista Palace
  9. Amy Benner, B4T9 Women’s Cycling Team
  10. Hannah Swan, Strive Racing

Masters 35 +

  1. Danny Kam, MRI Endurance Elite Masters
  2. Philip Tinstman, MRI Endurance Elite Masters
  3. Eric Anderson, SPY GIANT RIDE
  4. Aaron Wimberley, Team HeIen’s
  5. Michael Johnson, MRI Endurance Elite Masters
  6. Benjamin Petzoldt, CA Pools Primal
  7. Aron Gadhia, SPY GIANT RIDE
  8. Paul Vaccari, Rock Sports Racing
  9. John Abate, MRI Endurance Elite Masters
  10. Evan Teske, Laguna Cyclery

Masters 45 +

  1. Douglas Pomeranz, UC Cyclery/JW Floors
  2. Peter Andersen, SPY GIANT RIDE
  3. Alan Flores, SPY GIANT RIDE
  4. Steve Klasna, Breakaway from Cancer Masters
  5. Jon Nist, SPY GIANT RIDE
  6. Evan Teske, Laguna Cyclery
  7. Brent Clare,
  8. Benny Parks, Jessup Auto Plaza PB Palm Spring Cyclery
  10. Derek Steiner, Adams Avenue Bicycles

Masters 55+

  1. Mark Hoffenberg Rokform/Rock N’ Road
  2. Malcolm Hill Breakaway from Cancer Masters
  3. Bob Pellkofer Rokform/Rock N’ Road
  4. Michael Blrditt SKLZ-Swami’s Cycling Team
  5. Cyril Hunte
  7. Lee Romans Paramount Racing
  8. Randy Liechty ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
  9. Lothar Cramer
  10. Mark Ainslie

Masters 60+

  1. Kalman Szkalak, UC Cyclery / JW Floors
  2. Mark Huffman, UC Cyclery / JW Floors
  3. John Rubcic, UC Cyclery / JW Floors
  4. Richard Lilleberg, Southbay Wheelmen
  5. John Wagenaar,UC Cyclery / JW Floors
  6. John McKee, Paramount Racing
  7. Steven Borer, UC Cyclery / JW Floors
  8. Daniel Yeager, Swamis Cycling Club
  9. Donald Kimper, UC Cyclery / JW Floors

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