Clocking in at CA/NV State Time Trial Championships

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. William Shakespeare was probably not thinking about a state time trial championship when he wrote those immortal words. After all, they were written in 1599 (for the play “Henry V”). The bicycle was not invented until 1817, and it didn’t even have pedals at that point. Whatever.

In any case, a state time trial championship is always good drama, especially when it’s consistently staged at the same place at roughly the same time of the year. For the SoCal/Nevada crowd, this course is a familiar battleground. It’s a 23.5-mile rectangle on the [very] dry side of Los Angeles County. Basically flat with a bump on the back side. For many years this has been the TT season breach; aero warfare with medals, jerseys and bragging rights on the line.

Images by Phil Beckman/PB Creative

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And records—made to be broken. And so doeth David Santos, who made the State TT his own for the second year in a row…setting a new course record in the process. The 30-year-old Cash Call Mortgage team rider from El Cajon took advantage of relatively tame high dez conditions to stop the clocks at 45:50. That topped former Olympian Thurlow Rogers’ 2011 mark by seven seconds. Silver went to Santos’ teammate Chris Barton (46:13), with current SoCalCross champ Brandon Gritters (Rokform) in third only five seconds adrift.

On the Women’s side, Julie Cutts (Michelob Ultra – LaGrange +21) brought down the house with a 52:31 ahead of defending champ Ruth Clemence (Sisterhood of Cycling), who stopped the clock with a 53:19. Joy McCulloch (Cash Call Mortgage) draped the bronze around her neck this year at 53:29.

This event was once again hosted by Team Velosport, with Rock N’ Road Cyclery and Canyon Velo in the wings.

Words and images by Phil Beckman/PB Creative


2013 CA/NV State Time Trial Champions

Men Cat 1/2: David Santos
Men Cat 3: Mitchell Hall
Men Cat 4: Christopher Murphy
Men Cat 5: Miko Espanol
Men 35-39: Philip Tintsman
Men 40-44: Matthew Carinio
Men 45-49: Craig Nunes
Men 50-54: Louie Amelburu
Men 55-59: Vic Miera
Men 60-64: Gary Shuey
Women Cat 1/2: Julie Cutts
Women Cat 3: Ashley Elias
Women Cat 4: Rachel Holzer
Women 35-39: Keely Brooks
Women 40-44: Lisa Job
Women 45-49: Belinda Eschenwald
Women 50-54: Cindy Fenton
Jr. Men 10-12: Brody McDonald
Jr. Men 13-14: Sean McElroy
Jr. Men 15-16: Gavin Hoover
Jr. Men 17-18: Tyler Schwartz
Jr. Women 10-12: Cheyenne Comer
Jr. Women 13-14: Moriah Swan
Jr. Women 15-16: Rachel Swan
Jr. Women 17-18: Hannah Swan
Tandem Men 70+: Paul Leek
Tandem Men 90+: David Prechtl
Tandem Men 110+: Demi Hechanova
Tandem Open Men: Scott Raymond
Tandem Open Mixed: Bruce Hartley

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