Photo Gallery & Results: Masters District Road Race Championships

The District Road Race Championships kicked off with the Masters vying for the Championship title on Saturday. Racers were treated to 100 degree temps as they raced along the dry landscapes of Bakersfield.

Congrats to the following Masters District Road Race Champions!

Masters 35+ Christopher McDonald (MRI Endurance Elite Masters)
Masters 40 + Randall Coxworth (MRI Endurance Elite Masters)
Masters 45 + Peter Andersen (SPY GIANT RIDE)
Masters 50 + Douglas Pomeranz (UC Cyclery/JW Floors)
Masters 55 + William Ralph (Rokform/Rock N’ Road)
Masters 60 + Paul Rodriguez (UC Cyclery/JW Floors)
Women 35 + Kirsten Darley (SPY GIANT RIDE)
Women 45 + Ruth Clemence (Sisterhood of Cycling)
Women 55 + Mimi Sheean (Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21)
Women 3 Amy Benner (B4T9 Women’s CyclingTeam)
Women 4 Jill Haynie (Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21)
Full Results 

Photos © Frank Sarate /

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