Product Review: SUGOI RS Jersey, Bibs and Gloves

When it comes to cycling clothing, SUGOI has come to the cycling market with SUGOI RS clothing, which is as technically advanced as a high end bike.

SUGOI has been making clothing for 20 years and has been sponsoring the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team and other teams and athletes in the US. So, when it comes to feedback from top level riders, SUGOI has plenty of riders to draw from.

After getting in a few good rides, I was sold on the fit and quality. I’ll start with the jersey. I have some SUGOI clothing in the closet already and have to say SUGOI jerseys always fit me the best of all my jerseys. The material has a good feel and is very comfortable. The ventilation is excellent with the use of mesh panels for breathability in key areas. The sleeves use a ergonomic construction that feel just right without feeling too restricting on the arms when bent over in the riding position. SUGOI uses a full length zipper that feel sturdy and not cheap to assure that you get good closure when it’s needed. The rear pockets actually have a pocket on a pocket for securing of those import small things you don’t want accidentally tossed out when reaching for something to take out of your rear pocket.

My favorite feature of the RS jersey is the gripper at the bottom jersey which allows the jersey to stay in place and not ride up when bent over in the riding position to give a consistent fit the whole ride.

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The SUGOI RS Bibs help with comfort and performance. The RS Bibs start off with using a highly breathable fabric mesh, which ads compression and comfort. The RS bibs use a flat lock stitching for comfort and a low profile fit and have 10 panels for a more contoured fit for comfort. Just like on the jersey, the elastic grippers really help keep the shorts in place in all riding positions. So, with all the different panels for added support to give you a superb fit and different fabrics used throughout the RS bibs and top notch chamois, you might find yourself riding a little longer than you might normally would.

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Along with some of the other SUGOI clothing that I own, the chamois is the best on the market using an anti microbial knit material. The chamois is ventilated and perforated in key areas to keep you comfy and aired out on those long rides. SUGOI also uses V Control padding which allows for better shock absorption and dampening. This chamois is golden!! I wish all my chamois’ were this comfortable on all of my other shorts.

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The RS gloves are a great addition to the SUGOI RS clothing line. I normally don’t like padding in my gloves, let alone bulky padding. Surprisingly, these gloves have the padding in the right spots along with a leather palm, but not so much padding you can’t feel the bars. The padding is in all the right spots to alleviate any unwanted pressure on long rides and I noticed a difference after 3 hours. It’s a nice formed fitting glove that doesn’t seem to move or stretch when moving your hand position. SUGOI also uses a soft micro suede thumb for a smooth wiping surface.  The RS Gloves are great for long and short rides.

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So, when it comes to innovation and the use of fabrics and fit, SUGOI gets two thumbs up for making some of the best clothing on the market today. This is top shelf clothing for sure, but well worth the price if you like to be comfortable on long rides or short fast rides.

You can find more information on the SUGOI RS clothing at

By Frank Sarate /

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