A Look at Kramp Krusher from Natural Dynamix

Kramp Krusher Electrolyte Chewz are a cutting edge supplement for endurance athletes. Kramp Krushers are delicious gummy chewz, perfect for sustaining energy and reloading electrolytes lost through sweat during long training sessions and races.

Kramp Krusher Electrolyte Chewz sleek, portable packaging makes it easy to carry while training or racing. The unique KrampKrusher Electrolyte Chewz formula replaces electrolytes and “clears” lactic acid from working muscles by raising blood lactate levels which in turn raises lactate threshold. Athletes using Kramp Krusher Electrolyte Chewz experience less fatigue during exercise, faster recovery and less soreness.

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Each 10 piece serving of Kramp Krusher Electrolyte Chewz delivers what your body needs most while training and racing. Their ingredient blend includes Dextrose, Calcium Lactate and Sea Salt which help to provide quick energy, replenish electrolytes and accelerate muscle recovery.

For more info on Kramp Krusher and Natural Dynamix check out their web site.

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