The Jenna Ride – Empire Bikes Fundraiser for Injured Cyclist on August 9th

Attention fellow cyclists!  You are invited to join a special ride on August 9th at Empire Bikes in Chino Hills to support Jenna Rollman in her recovery from a severe bicycle accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. Below is a message from Empire Bikes’ owner, Rocky Sanchez.

Hello fellow riders,

We are due for another great ride for one of my favorite people out there, Jenna Rollman. A little about Jenna, she has been a long time friend of mine and probably embodies what I like best about bike riding and bike riders. If you don’t know Jenna, she is about the most determined person I have ever known. We met a few years ago and started riding together. She was always ready and gearing up to ride the next day. She helped me stay focused and started challenging me on some rides.

As we continued to ride together, her ability progressed. Not to mention, in all modesty, we became the who’s who of bad ass rollers around the area. She was keeping up with all the fast guys.. Once, we were screaming across Baseline it was my turn to take a pull at the tip of the pack. Surrounded by top caliber local pros, I took my turn and gave it a leg murdering pull as I backed off the nose of the pack to let the next guy have his turn. I looked back to see who was up, and see Jenna pulling into position to lay down the heat! We finished the segment and I have never been so inspired simply because of her strive to be a better rider and fine focused determination to hold on.

In the Fall of 2013, an accident totally changed Jenna’s life forever. She was involved in a head on collision with a vehicle. She was rushed to the hospital and her cycling dreams were shattered as she was paralyzed. While the hope to walk again seeming far, the hope to pedal seemed even further. As Jenna focused on her therapy and getting out of the hospital, her thoughts of getting back on a bike were always on her mind…

This June 2014, her dreams came true when Empire Bikes decided to raise money to help her get back in the saddle again. This August 9th 2014, we are hosting a Jenna Ride at Empire Bikes Chino Hills. We will be raising money for Jenna’s Hand Cycle, the rest of her medical bills, and making life just a little bit better for her. We ask you to come out with Jenna in mind and enjoy an amazing ride with an even better cause.

Thank you,


Jenna and the Empire Bikes crew hope to see you there!

More info on how to register or make a donation can be found at

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