Photo Gallery: Summer End Grand Prix / Ontario Series

The SoCal road racing and criterium season is winding down and Pacific Sunset Velo capped off the 2014 Ontario Series with the Summer End Grand Prix.  The first race of the Ontario Series was on January 12th, so for all those that are still going strong eight months later – hats off to you!  It has been a long season!

The temps were sizzling hitting over 100 degrees throughout the day. In the Pro 1-3 Race, the racing was fast and aggressive and the field was shattered with groups strewn around the course with the heat taking it’s toll. In the end, Brian McCulloch (KHS- Maxxis-Jakroo) out sprinted breakaway companion Corey  Greenberg (Pedalers Fork) for the win, after the two put in a strong effort for several laps.

The Overall Title in the Ontario Series was up for grabs and had announcer Ralph Elliott making calculations as to who might win throughout the race! In the end, the Overall Title in the Pro 1-3 race went to Ryan Schneider ( Team), followed by Orlando Garibay (Incycle-Predator) with Tyler Locke ( Team) in 3rd Overall.

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