CENTRIC Celebrates First Six Months in Sierra Madre, CA

CENTRIC celebrates the six month anniversary of its retail showroom and athlete center, serving the growing ranks of greater Los Angeles cyclists, runners, triathletes, and endurance athletes.

CENTRICsport, LLC Co-Founders Brandon Heflin and Michael Hagler opened the CENTRIC store doors on April 17 and have enjoyed a tremendous welcome from the cycling and endurance communities. Their CENTRIC brand evolved from Heflin’s successful coaching business, TriCentric Training, founded in 2002.

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CENTRIC offers elite-level, high performance carbon fiber bikes and wheels with unrivaled value through their model of customizable, direct-to-consumer product development.  CENTRIC bikes are sold as framesets or fully built bikes, each one tailored specifically to match the customer’s desire and budget. CENTRIC bikes can be delivered with custom paint schemes, and built up with a range of choices for major and minor components. CENTRIC’s stock bikes come with the option to change key components such as the saddle and cockpit. The store also carries an array of carefully chosen accessories, apparel and nutrition products. Centric’s Athlete Services include Bike Fit, Coaching and Metabolic Testing. Putting it all together Centric has the tools and knowledge to help athletes define their goals, plan a race season, and quantify their progress.

Located just east of Pasadena, in the downtown block of Sierra Madre, CENTRIC is excited to be a resource to this foothill community which has long been hub for cyclists, runners and other outdoor enthusiasts.  The first six months has been a whirlwind of growth. CENTRIC looks forward to future growth by building relationships as well as bikes.

Please visit www.centricsport.com for more information on CENTRIC.

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