Video: Roger’s Cup

The Roger’s Cup has been held every year  in December since the 70’s to pay tribute to riders from the peloton that have passed away and are no longer able to enjoy the ride with us. The Roger’s Cup is part of the popular Como Street group ride in Orange County and covers the long route that goes up the steep “Wall” before heading into the fast and rolling Santiago Canyon.

Despite the Roger’s Cup being held in December, riders have been known to peak for the prestigious Title and honor to hang on to “The Cup” for an entire year until the next  Roger’s Cup.

This year, Daniel Willett (LUX Development) won the sprint and “The Cup” after a nice lead out by his LUX teammates from the fast group which had a lead group of 23 riders.

Enjoy the videos of the 2014 Roger’s Cup!


Videos by David Willett